24 Signs You've Found Your Jedi Confidant

Your jedi confidant is basically your right hand.

They’re that silly rabbit you can be yourself with and I mean yourself. Like your #nofilter, walking around the house wearing superman underwear, nutella binge eating, incredibly weird self that you can’t be around normal folks because…well, it’s too weird as you can see.

But not for this jedi knight. They can handle all your quirks because you can handle their’s, so life is one hell of a ride:

  1. Almost nothing you do surprises them, like wearing a crown to a bar or randomly drawing henna patterns on their hands and arms.
  2. You can’t even begin that hilarious story because you’re already laughing and they caught the laughing spell.
  3. Going to movie premieres are always f*cking awesome because Jurassic World is coming out and you two already bought your tickets while preparing for the nerdy conversations you’ll probably have with other fans. And don’t forget the various candies and unholy amounts of butter you’ll put in your grande sized popcorn.
  4. You’ve gone to a convention together more than once. Comic book, anime, cartoon, art, whatever floats your boats, you’ve both been there and done that.
  5. You’ve done duo costumes on Halloween. You’ve both been Batman and Robin, Power Ranger pink and yellow, peanut butter and jelly, or even Adam and Eve.
  6. People think you guys are married and all you need are engagement rings.
  7. The things you do that scare other people are normal to them. There’s no expression on their face when you talk to yourself, shimmy while watching your Subway sandwich get made, or yell out the name of a 90s cartoon you’ve been trying to remember all week.
  8. You both have the same awkward smiles, especially when you see your crush or meet new people because people scare you both.
  9. They’re the only person you can talk to about strange passions for things like British accents and making Lolita dresses.
  10. You both end up in desperate situations every time you try to do “normal” stuff like going to a club, but it quickly becomes a disaster with one of you getting hysterically drunk and running away from creepy dudes only to end up in a restroom full tipsy college freshmen crying about how much they love each other.
  11. You’re the James Franco to their Seth Rogen. In fact, your lives might as well be one of their movies.
  12. You’ve both have weirdly deep conversations like how Chinese restaurants add french fries, fried chicken, and plantains to their menus in order to attract more customers.
  13. You sleep over each other’s places so many times, you both wonder why you’re not living together.
  14. And where there’s a sleep over, there’s pizza and Netflix because hellloooo, its Friday night.
  15. You’ve both done at least one Vine together because you feel the need to express that horrible feeling you get when you see a spider on the wall one moment and it disappears the next in the form of a short film.
  16. You’ve both performed the lamest rap song on planet earth: Check it…A B C D E F G…
  17. You’ve fangirl with each other daily. The moment that new Godzilla trailer came out, you called each other squealing and texted an excited emoji galore.
  18. You’ve suffered from food comas together like when you both ate too much pork adobo from that Filipino restaurant next door and felt like you’re five months pregnant.
  19. You’ve used the bathroom together at least once because they’ve already seen you in your underwear, so might as well.
  20. They know the next sentence before you even say it because they get you like that.
  21. And lyrics too because you’ve both sang along to “Ms. Jackson” at least a thousand times.
  22. You’ve fixed each other’s wedgies because what are best friends for?
  23. You’ve picked off of each other’s foods and didn’t mind at all.
  24. You’ve had a jedi moment because duh, there’s always a jedi moment.