24 Signs You're Dating a Superhero Boyfriend

If you can’t stop smiling from how happy your man makes you, chances are he might be an undercover superhero.

He’s always saving the day. He will be at your rescue whenever you need him.

Anytime, anywhere he has your back.

He’s seriously quite the catch.

  1. He protects you. You always feel safe whenever he’s around. You could be walking in the middle of the street late at night with him and feel completely invincible.
  2. He earned your trust, and even to this day he has NEVER misused it.
  3. Not only does he support your dreams, henever tries to hold you back from what you want in life.
  4. Whenever you’re feeling cranky, he has patience on your moody days. He knows exactly how to cheer you up. 
  5. He’s gentle with your heart. He doesn’t play any mind games or make you feel bad.
  6. He helps you with little tasks such as chores or running errands with you. The fact that he puts in effort and helps you does not go unnoticed. He makes everything easier. 
  7. It just comes natural for him to treat you well. He always does nice things for you without even a second thought.
  8. He’s your ultimate secret keeper. You completely trust him. He’s your number one confidant.
  9. He has such a generous soul. Not only is he looking out for you, but he is looking out for others as well.
  10. He’s very hardworking and earns everything the right way. You never have to worry about him being sketchy or slacking at his work.
  11. Sometimes, it feels like he has super powers because he is so on point with everything he does for you.
  12. His love is one of his best superpowers. He makes you feel like the luckiest girl.
  13. He’s very courageous. Whenever anything comes your way you know you can handle when he’s by your side. 
  14. He makes a positive difference in his community. He’s a role model to many. You are proud to be his girlfriend. 
  15. Compassion is a trait that comes easily to him. He’s one to look up to.
  16. Not to mention, he has a super hot bod. Such a bonus for you.
  17. He’s the kind of leader that you want to follow. He’s always setting a good example.
  18. He treats you with the respect that you deserve. He values everything about you.
  19. He stands up for what is right in the world. He tells you all the time that he wants to suit up and take one for the team.
  20. He observes without judging. His words of wisdom inspire you to persevere in times where you feel like you’re struggling.
  21. He makes you feel strong and feel like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.
  22. He lives with integrity and honor. He doesn’t do something for negative attention, so you never have to worry.
  23. He’s such a good man to you. He wants nothing but the BEST for you.
  24. He values your body, mind, soul, and heart. It’s the greatest relationships you could have ever asked for.

You both make the perfect team.