23 Reasons to Date The Guy Who Loves Country Music

1. He’ll appear tough and a guy’s guy….that’s what girls love about him.  

2. But he’s really sensitive…but any country guy is really sweet and likes to hide it.  

3. Family will always come first…His family means more to him than anyone. 

4. And it will warm your heart…and his relationship with his mom is an example of how he will treat you.  

5. He can drink you under the table…he’s a beer guy who will be rather impressed if you can throw back a beer or two. 

6. So don’t try and keep up…guys who like country music drink differently than the average person. Beware.  

7. There are two parts to country guys…

8. Those who listen to lyrics…the guys who listen to the words and feel connected, which means he’ll listen closely to you.  

9. And the ones who party hard….and always down for a good time.

10. Expect to go to festivals….if you aren’t gonna go with him, he will go out with you. But don’t keep him on a tight leash. Trust him. He’s the best guy to trust.  

11. And every concert….When you ask him how many shows he’s been to, he won’t be able to count. 

12. He’ll know every song on the radio….and you’ll watch as he sings every word. 

13. He probably has truck…and it’s his pride and joy. 

14. And won’t let you drive it….don’t be offended.  

15. He’s is very adventurous….hunting, fishing and anything outdoors he’s all about.

16. Dating him will be nothing short of exciting…whether it’s a spontaneous trip or surprises he'll shower you with affection in the form of doing things together.     

17. He’s a sucker for blondes in daisy dukes…butts over boobs all day. 

18. And loves America more than anyone you’ll ever meet…he probably owns a “back to back world champs shirt,” an American flag bandana and a cowboy hat.     

19. He’s one of the most respectful men you’ll ever meet….he respects women and treats them well. He'll be the first to call your dad "sir" and your mom "ma'am."  

20. And you’ll find yourself falling faster….it’s gonna make you nervous to meet someone like him. 

21. And when you fall in love with him…it’ll be because you proved you are worthy of his type of love which is so rare. In return, he’ll be loyal and love only you.  

22. You’ll find yourself listening to corny country songs blushing…there’s a long list of songs he may actually play when you slow dance. 

23. Finally, he’ll change you for the better…he’s gonna be your favorite love and if you're lucky your last.

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