22 Things You Need to Know Before Dating Someone in their First Relationship

The person who hasn’t yet been in a relationship is like a perfect blank canvas for love. No bad feelings or past emotional baggage is going to derail them. Nowadays, it’s pretty common for people to not have their first serious relationship until their twenties. Until they meet someone decent, there’s no point in rushing things. But when someone does come along, the person dating them should keep the following things in mind.

1. They love to love and are completely innocent of bad relationship baggage.

2. You don’t have to worry about them not being over their ex, since they don’t have one.

3. They’re bound to feel a little inexperienced about the whole dating thing.

4 But just because they haven’t been in a relationship doesn’t mean they are naive.

5. The truth is that almost all relationships are like a first relationship.

6. Everything varies from person to person because everything is so different and people get along in unexpected ways.

7. Anyway, they know that life is not like the movies or some fairytale. 

8. In their first relationship, they just want to be loved the way everyone wants to be loved.

9. No one needs experience to tell you if you heart is in something or not.

10. “Shopping around” is probably overrated.

11. Obviously they know their worth because they never just dated someone for the sake of dating.

12. One thing you can be sure about is that no past boyfriend has made them feel jaded or pessimistic about love in general.

13. Their heart is totally open for the rush of a first relationship.

14. They don’t have trust issues, so if you’re an honest person they’ll appreciate it.

15. They might be a little bit more cautious than than the average person in a relationship, though.

16. This isn’t because they’re scared of love; they just don’t know exactly what step comes next.

17. And they don’t want to mess anything up because technically it’s the best relationship they’ve been in so far.

18. Sometimes they might need you to lead the way or take the reins.

19. But they want you to respect them like anybody else.

20. Dating them might make you feel new again.

21. When they open up to you, you know it’s in a way they’ve never really opened up to anyone before.

22. Because it’s a first for them, they appreciate the little things in a way that other people couldn’t.