20 Tiny Turn-Ons That Steal Your Heart

When you find a rare connection with someone, you can’t always explain it in words. It’s not the things they do, exactly. It’s how you see them in a different light because they surprise you in little, simple ways…

  1. When they notice you dropped your hat, and they pick it off for you. You didn’t even notice yourself. Savior.
  2. They put their phone away when they talk to you. You know they appreciate your company.
  3. They hum the same song quietly all the time. And they think no one notices. And it gets stuck in your head too.
  4. You get up close to them and they smell really, really clean. Like fresh laundry just came out clean.
  5. How they magically fix something for you, no questions asked. And they act like it’s NBD.
  6. When they get all excited and goofy playing with animals. Especially if it’s someone who is usually all chill.
  7. How you’re both annoyed by the same type of people. You shield each other from the awful.
  8. Someone who smack talks with you. You unleash each other’s sarcastic genius.
  9. When they read an actual newspaper or book. They never make you feel phone snubbed.
  10. When someone shows up to meet you…early. They don’t risk being late when they see you because they value your time.
  11. How they always say your name when they talk to you. You like being on their lips all the time.
  12. The slight shoulder brush. At the right moment in the conversation, it’s the perfect touch but not too much…
  13. Nicely-fitted clothes. They dress so well for their body you want to undress them when they’re all snug and fit.
  14. When someone with a serious face finally smiles. They don’t give it away for nothing, so you know it’s genuine.
  15. A totally unrestrained laugh. Especially at your jokes.
  16. Being an amazing driver. You always feel safe when you’re in the seat sitting next to them.
  17. When they call you out on your bullshit. You feel like they know you better than you know yourself.
  18. When they look you in the eye while talking to you. Mutual eye contact=Instaconnection.
  19. When they make decisions quickly. The faster the decision, the faster bacon’s in your mouth.
  20. Undivided attention. Despite a gazillion distractions, they’re totally focused on you.


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