20 Things You Only Understand When You're Affectionate but Private

You’re affectionate, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to make out with someone in public and produce daily social media posts promoting your relationship. It’s not that you hate to be touched or anything like that. It’s just that you value your privacy because it makes the relationship even more special. When it comes to showing your love, the only person that matters is your significant other.

  1. You love to love, but people don’t automatically think of you as super-affectionate.

  2. You’re selective with your affection….

  3. ….whether it goes to your BFF or a boyfriend, neither is safe from your cuddling.

  4. But if someone is one of your select few, you’re pretty open with showing how much you adore their presence. 

  5. Hand-squeezes, hugs, and pats on the head are the norm.

  6. It’s because there’s a different right time and and right place for different displays of feeling.

  7. Making out on Monday morning in the grocery check-out line? No one wants to see that.

  8. But a kiss goodbye on the railway platform? Absolutely appropriate.

  9. Basically, you amp up your hand-holding, arm-linking, kiss-on-the-forehead self when you’re one on one.

  10. You’re not afraid to show affection anywhere, but it feels more special when you’re alone with each other.

  11. You smother your person with hugs and cuddle them like there’s no tomorrow behind closed doors.

  12. It’s more fun if love is like a secret between the two of you.

  13. You can’t help but laugh at the silly pet names some couples call each other by.

  14. You know how to express your affection at the right place and the right time.

  15. You have some nicknames for your partner, but you don’t say them in public too much because other people just wouldn’t get it.

  16. When two people go all out with their PDA in public places, you find it off-putting.

  17. Sometimes it seems like some couples are more concerned with showing off their love to others than they are to simply show it to just one another.

  18. Other people don’t really concern you, but you are kind of private about things.

  19. If there are things that are only between you and your partner, it just feels more intimate.

  20. You want to make sure the person you’re with feels loved.