20 Signs You Don't Need to Apologize So Much for Everything

Everyone should apologize every once in awhile, but there’s a chance that you may overdo it sometimes. There’s no need to feel guilty when you didn’t do anything wrong. If you're an overly-apologetic person, it just means you're always empathizing with others, and that's not something you should feel sorry for.

  1. You have a natural reflex to say sorry for everything. 

  2. People say the weather was bad on the way to work and you say I’m sorry.

  3. You do it even when you know it wasn’t really your fault.

  4. When you’re really upset about a break-up, you constantly apologize to all your friends about venting all about your ex so much.

  5. But there’s no need to be sorry for having feelings.

  6. The absolute worst thing is if you can’t make it to someone’s birthday party—you feel absolutely terrible for a long time after.

  7. You always try to stop yourself from laughing at other people, because you’re afraid it might hurt their feelings.

  8. Sometimes you feel too guilty to tell your friends you can’t go out, even when you’re super tired.

  9. Taking a nap in the middle of the day makes you feel like a lazy person, even though you really needed to catch up on sleep.

  10. If you disagree with someone really strongly about something, you often feel bad that the two of you can’t see eye to eye on it.

  11. You also feel bad if you totally shift your stance on something after previously being stubborn about it, even though it’s absolutely okay change your mind sometimes.

  12. You often apologize for being really hungry when someone else doesn’t want to go get dinner.

  13. When you have a major success at school or work, you’re too self-conscious to brag about it.

  14. You often preface things with the phrase, I’m sorry to bother you but…

  15. Or I’m sorry for asking so many questions.

  16. Your friends know there’s not too much you should actually feel too guilty for.

  17. They know better than anyone that you always do everything with the best intentions.

  18. People tell you, No need to apologize and you respond, Oh, okay; I’m sorry.

  19. But that's alright too…

  20. The last thing you need is to feel bad about saying sorry too much, on top of everything else.