20 Reasons to Date Someone With a Tough Mind but a Helpless Heart

They can be brutally practical, but at the last minute you see them make a decision based on good-heartedness rather than logic. If you date someone who has serious mental toughness but a helpless heart, you get the best of both worlds. Ultimately, they’re not stubborn—they’re just determined to do the right thing. They surprise you from time to time, but you can always feel safe with your heart in their hands.

  1. They jump back and forth between tough-mindedness and optimism all the time.

  2. They often try to be unsentimental in their decision-making.

  3. They always want to give more to those who need their help. 

  4. This is a benefit for whoever dates them.

  5. But it also means that every once in awhile, a friend in need is going to call them up and need them to save the day, immediately.

  6. And they will always prioritize their friendships in addition to love.

  7. They take pride in never letting anyone close to them down.

  8. If you’re with them, consider yourself lucky for that reason.

  9. They actively avoid making promises they can’t keep, though.

  10. Because they take their promises so seriously.

  11. They stay true to their word because they absolutely hate to hurt anyone.

  12. Sometimes you might find them acting in contradictory ways.

  13. If it seems like they’re giving you a mixed signals, it’s probably because their head battles with their heart.

  14. They might challenge you because they care about you.

  15. They’re good-natured and super-nice, but never a push-over.

  16. So you can expect that they’re not afraid to give you harsh advice, but they’ll tell it to you with a hug.

  17. And when they love, they love hard…even if they aren't always perfect at expressing their feelings.

  18. Despite how logical they can be about everything, but they can’t help but surrender to their heart when it comes to love. 

  19. If you’re with them, you don’t need to worry too much because they can only be with someone they feel very strongly for. 

  20. It’s not easy to change their mind unless you open up your heart to them.