20 Reasons Cousins Are the Best Friends We Never Asked For

Cousins are people that are ready made friends, you have laughs with them and remember good times from a young age, you have fights with them but you always know you love each other, they are a better thing than brothers and sisters and friends cause they are all pieced together as one.     — Courtney Cox

1. They kind of have to like us…no matter how weird you are, or how strange some of the habits you have are. Chances are, they might have a few of their own. 

2. Or pretend to.

3. They understand our crazy parents…behind every closed door is a whole bunch of crazy. 

4. Because there’s a chance theirs are exactly the same…And you text them with a story and they only thing they respond with is, “OMG me too.??? 

5. They have been there through everything…From chicken pox and scratching each other’s back, to holding back each other’s hair, after you stole your parents vodka, in the liquor cabinet, they didn’t judge you for puking. 

6. In every picture, milestone and memory...Every holiday, every wedding, every dinner they were there. 

7. Family gossip has a new meaning…because every family has drama, which keeps things fun. 

8. Because together you know everything…it’s kind of like solving a mystery, based on the information you can find out together, through eavesdropping  

9. They are the keepers of our greatest secrets…But they also are someone you confide in for things. 

10. And the person always there…And when you need someone who just understands, they will be there for you. 

11. They are there for the best days of you life…Every birthday, every party and holiday, they are in each picture and in every big moment.  

12. And the arms holding you when shit hits the fan...And that first person you turned to and weren’t afraid to cry in front of.  

13. They’d either be the ones bailing you out of jail…because you each have saved bail money for one another, in a piggy bank, since you were young. 

14. Or with you behind bars…fearing the wrath of your parents, when they come to get you.  

15. They accept you at your worst…whether that’s drunk AF on a night out, or the ears that listened right after a tough breakup. 

16. And help you to become your best…and they remind us, despite our worst mistakes, we are better than that. 

17. If you’re lucky…

18. Your cousin is also your best friend...and no matter where you guys are in the world, you are always connected. 

19. And the only reason you aren’t sisters…

20. Is because your parents wouldn’t be able to handle the two of you together…because you are the dynamic duo that keeps family events entertaining. 

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