19 Signs You and Your Best Friend Are Worse than "That Couple"

We all know that couple. You know, the one that you almost never see apart. And when you do, it’s like seeing a lost puppy. In case you weren’t sure they are together, it’s also all over both their social media for the world to see.

Well, sometimes that person isn’t your significant other…it’s actually your best friend. You’re just a little too close, but it’s fine.

1. You can communicate with a single look. Double props if you can do this with sunglasses on too.

2. You talk about your future lives together. Including the shared apartment and the dog.

3. You have simultaneous conversations with them on Snapchat, text, and Facebook. Because some conversations everyone should see, and some, people definitely shouldn’t.

4. You hate the same people. You mess with my best friend, you mess with me. 

5. Your inside jokes and memories are half of your conversations. Sorry if you don’t get it. I guess you just had to be there.

6. And most of your stories and conversations start with “when so-and-so and I…??? Yes, we do do everything together.

7. You know their stories like your own. Mostly because you were probably lived it with them.

8. You support all their stupid decisions. And they do yours. It’ll probably make a good inside joke later.

9. Sometimes you have to ask them to tell you what to do. Because their opinion and judgement might be better than your own. 

10. If you don’t talk for a couple of days, it feels like the end of the world. HI. WHAT’S GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE? I MISS YOU. BE MY FRIEND AGAIN.

11. You don’t make any decisions without consulting them first. Everything from responses to texts to what to order for dinner.

12. They’re basically your plus one everywhere you go. They weren’t kidding when they said “attached at the hip.???

13. And when they’re not with you, people ask where they are. “Where’s your other half????

14. You have more pictures with them than with significant others. You have opposite good sides, so you always take good pictures.

15. People think you’re more than just friends. No, we’ve never hooked up before. No, we’re not going to.

16. You start to sound like each other. You spend so much time together that you pick up on each other’s accents and phrases.

17. You don’t understand why some people don’t like them. Umm hello, they’re. The. Best.

18. You don’t get jealous of their other friends. They’ll never have what you two have.

19. Sometimes you match and you didn’t even plan it. Probably because great minds think alike.

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