17 Things You Forgot to Thank Your Intellectual Friend For

You gotta love your smart friend. This person always had the answers to the homework (because they actually did the homework), and has great common sense. This friend has saved you from a lot of stupid moves, and you’re thankful that you’ve got a smart person in your life.

  1. All of those late nights when you needed a break from stupid celebrity gossip, your intellectual friend was there to talk about topics that required you to think.
  2. In high school or college, your intellectual friend was there to help you get through assignments you just did not get at all.
  3. They actually went to class and paid attention to the lecture. Thank god they generously gave you the notes and helped you study.
  4. The intellectual friend gives the best advice. You can rely on them to be practical and rational.
  5. They always manage to figure out the correct amount to tip when you’re out with a big group.
  6. Your intellectual friend posses the wisdom of your parents without the judgmental attitude.
  7. So when you hook-up with way too many people after your recent break-up, your friend helps you put everything into perspective.
  8. The intellectual friend has a rational explanation for everything. When you’re terrified that the noise in your house is a murderer, they explain that houses creak.
  9. Hanging out with the intellectual friend makes you smarter. A conversation with them about anything always sparks interesting debates and interesting controversies.
  10. The intellectual friend has defended you in many arguments. They’ve got your back, which is nice since they can out-argue anyone.
  11. Your friend knows your limits better than you do. They will not be the one stuck taking care of your sorry ass tonight; no, they will stop the train wreck before it leaves the station.
  12. Having an intellectual friend means that you’ll never run out of things to talk about.
  13. Your intellectual friend needs space, so you can have your alone time without sounding like an anti-social maniac.
  14. The intellectual friend is the default peacekeeper of your friend group. Whenever there’s an argument or drama, this friend is the problem solver.
  15. If you ever need help understanding a social issue or a major controversy, your intellectual friend is your go-to confidant.
  16. If you ever need an entertaining partner to bring to a cocktail party, the intellectual friend is your first choice. There will never be a dull moment or conversation with this one at your side.
  17. The intellectual friend is someone you’re glad to have around, because they always keep you on your toes.