17 Things that Happen When You Have a Hot Professor

College can be tough. After the initial buzz of September, you settle into classes and push through the semester. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the gods of college smile down on you and bless you with an incredibly hot professor. It makes waking up for that 9AM so much better.

1. You actually show up to class on time.

What would normally be a begrudging process is now a perk in your day. No more rolling out of bed and throwing on leggings and a sweatshirt. It’s hair-curling time.

2. You even put effort into your assignments.

There’s no better way to get attention than to be his star student! Instead of half-assing and complaining, you go in full force. It’s never been so enjoyable working for an A.

3. As hard as you try to focus, it’s so hard to pay attention during the lecture. That chiseled jawline, though.

He’s the greatest distraction. When a professor is more distracting than a phone or laptop, you know it’s serious.

4. You try extra hard to give amazing answers when he asks the class a question.

You got this. Not only are you hot and young, you’re also killing it in class. Yes, you did the readings.

5. Or you try to sound super intelligent and ask him intellectual questions about the material.

He probably just gave a lengthy description and you just asked a dumb question that forced him to repeat himself. But whatever. He looks so hot when he looks at you strange.

6. You would break your moral code and 100% sleep with him for an A.

What’s wrong with that if you’re both two consenting adults? Hell, you don’t even need the A. Just that D.

7. You ever-so-subtly try to get a pic of him on Snapchat to brag to your friends.

It’s a nerve wracking endeavor—you want to get his face in there but you can’t be obvious.

8. Sometimes he catches you staring at him and you have to play it off like you were super focused.

You have to smile and wipe the drool off of your face. The way his lips move is unreal. It’s not fair. He probably smiles sympathetically and you internally tell yourself to get it together.

9. You try not to die when he turns around and writes on the board. That ass, ugh.

UNNNFFFFF. GOD. That man makes khakis look so good. And that crisp white button up that stretches over his muscular back. Dear Lord, have mercy. This is just too good, but you won’t take a snap. This image is all for you.

10. When you’re doing homework for his class, you decide to get super stalkerish and Google his name.

Seeing his name on the assignment sheet just drives you crazy with curiosity. You need to uncover his entire life story. Where is he from? Is he married? When is he getting divorced? What sports teams does he like?

11. You’ve never been so thankful for office hours. One-on-one time with Professor Sexyface in a tiny room? Score.

You’re so tempted to reach over and make out with his face as he talks to you about quantitative data. You try your hardest to get him sidetracked and find out where he spends his weekends.

12. And you can scope out his office to find out his interests / see if he’s married.

When he starts rummaging through his desk for a pen, you desperately eye every picture he has hanging.

13. Sitting in the front is a must.

Only the try-hards and suck-ups sit all the way in the front, right? Not this time. You’ll be front and center for the perfect view of your hot teacher. And you’ll need the help trying to focus anyway. If you sat in the back, you’d never learn a thing.

14. You try extra hard to look hot for his class.

No matter what time of day you have class, you will make some kind of effort to look good. Your outfits will be on point, you’ll have clean, brushed hair, and your makeup will be killer. He better watch out.

15. Your groupchat has an ongoing debate about whether the girl in his profile pic is his girlfriend or his sister.

Someone found his private Facebook page sent his profile pic to the group. After an in-depth analysis of his hand placement and stance (45-degree angle away from the girl), you’ve concluded that she’s his sister. And they TOTALLY look alike so if she were actually his girlfriend, it’d be practically incestuous, so you’re fine.

16. You pray that this semester will never end.

You’ve never enjoyed a class as much as his. He is just so so so attractive. Oh and you suppose the material is kinda interesting, too.

17. And you have to find out if he’s teaching other courses next semester.

Hellooo you gotta get that letter of recommendation! You’re just really committed to your studies.