15 Signs You Think With Your Head But Feel With Your Heart

We all know the girl who’s a drama queen, constantly acting on her emotions. Or the “too complicated” guy who’s always friendzoning girls after he hooks-up with them. Or your excessively logical friend who never goes on dates because she’s “too young” to meet “the one” anyway.

You’re not quite like any of the other types. You take your love life in stride by balancing rational thinking and passionate feeling. You don’t deny the reality of a situation (i.e someone doesn’t treat you well), but you don’t become a jaded cynic either. 

You’re logical on the outside, romantic on the inside:

  1. You don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, but that doesn’t mean you’re heartless.
  2. And so you don’t text the person you just started dating 24/7.
  3. Not because you don’t want to see them again, but because you know that they’d probably run as fast as they could if they knew how much you liked them. 
  4. You don’t get hysterical at a guy for standing you up or playing you. You don’t make a huge scene out of it or yell at them.
  5. Instead, you promptly schedule your next date with someone new.
  6. You tend to think of love in terms of realistic-yet-optimistic probabilities. In the next year, I’ll go on thirty first dates. There will be eight second dates. Then there’ll be three people I can actually stand for more than half an hour. Two that I really, really like. Which leaves (maybe?) one that likes me back in the same way.
  7. Your friends always come to you for romantic advice because you’ll always root for them if they are truly in love.
  8. But you’re not just an enabler. Your friends know how you can give them the reality check they need to hear. No, he’s not confused about what he wants; he’s just a douchebag.
  9. You tend to love people for who they really are rather than irrationally wanting them for being someone you only imagine them to be.
  10. You tend to overthink romantic situations or feelings in advance so you don’t make any rash or spontaneous decisions. I will definitely make sure to kiss them at the end of the date. If there is a date.
  11. You’re capable of communicating feelings without making a big deal out of it and you avoid drama like the plague. You’d rather focus your energy on the positive.
  12. When someone burns you, you show them it’s not okay. By not seeing them. Ever again. You’re wise enough to take note when people show you who they are.
  13. You don’t make huge, sappy romantic gestures.
  14. But when you’re into someone, you find a way to let them know. I like going to the movies. You do too. We should both go there. Maybe at the same time.
  15. Ultimately, you’re smart enough to know that you can’t know everything. Sometimes you have to make decisions based on sliding variables and follow your intuition.

You’ve found good balance in a world where people impulsively base 80% of their decisions on emotions rather than logic. Love isn’t purely intellectual or emotional for you: it’s both.