15 Reasons Why Lusty Dusty Dudes Are the New F*ckboys

A guy I was dating for a while once told me, “If you’re with a woman and you just shut up and let her talk (you don’t have to really listen) then sooner or later, she’ll talk herself right out of her panties.” Nice, right?

The fuckboys have made a transition. We’ve heard the term, we’ve seen the type, we may have even dated a few… but there’s really nothing that new and discussable about them anymore, until now. The typical fuckboy has begun to morph into these lusty, dusty ass dudes and have taken the female population completely off guard. 

  1. They have the appearance of being super chill, down-to-earth gentleman… but deep down they’re really just a somewhat older, more advanced version of the same fuckboy that they once were… 

  2. They just happen to be smooth as fuck now and not quite as apparently hungry for attention.

  3. Lusty dusty dudes are just like the super cute (almost on the edge of annoying) lovey dovey dudes…

  4. Except for the love part. It’s really just all based on lust.

  5. But you’d literally probably never know it, until it’s too late.

  6. They’re probably actually a great time for the first week or so that you’re getting to know them.

  7. Fuckboys are good for one thing, and I bet you can guess what that is…

  8. Ayy! That’s right. Fucking. 

  9. Lusty dusty dudes are also good for just about one thing, but careful not to get caught in their web of lusty whispers when they try to make you feel like you’re the one.

  10. You probably are the one…

  11. At least for the next few hours or so until your purpose is served.

  12. But wait. I can’t sit here and totally hate on these new and improved fuckboys.

  13. You get the charm of someone who is almost genuine and not at all manipulative…

  14. While still getting the lusty lay that you so desperately need.

  15. As long as you know what it is and aren’t fooled by their empty words, then the takeover of these lusty dusty dudes may not be such a bad thing after all.