12 Times You Couldn't Put Your Feelings Into Words

Sometimes you don’t even know where your feelings end and begin. There are a number of random moments where you feel like you have to either conceal your feelings if you even know what they are. When you’re really surprised or overcome with feeling, it can leave you kind of speechless. 

  1. …When someone you liked gave you a totally unexpected compliment, and you didn’t know what to say in response. You feel happy and uncomfortable all at the same time.

  2. When the guy you’re talking to is “Active” on the dating app but he is not responding to your message. You don’t want to think or feel anything about it, so you tell yourself it’s a technical glitch (even though you know it’s not).

  3. When your best friend just hugs you because she knows there’s nothing else to say about a situation. You both reach for words, but there’s nothing except to say except that you feel thankful for her presence. All that’s left is just being there for each other.

  4. When you were working on something on the computer and you finished, but then for whatever reason it wouldn’t save due to a glitch. All your hard work, gone and irretrievable in an instant…You have to go back to step one.

  5. When you’re talking to someone you know, and they mention “oh, didn’t you hear” how some person you both know died out of nowhere, but you never even heard about it until that moment. It feels too big to comprehend in an instant.

  6. When the weather shifts and it makes you feel different, like you’ve changed, but you’re not sure how. You feel lighter somehow.

  7. When someone that you were seeing cancels on you because of “sickness” but then you see pictures of them posted online looking very healthy and social, the very same day. It’s not a good feeling, but what can you say…

  8. When you’re dating someone and they actually buy you flowers. It feels like something too good to be true, out of the movies. 

  9. When you’re driving and another cuts you off out of nowhere, completely throwing you off your course because you couldn’t make the turn you needed to make. You do have words for this, but you try to keep your cool even though you’re a little road rage-ish.

  10. When you see a picture of your ex and you look at them like a totally different person than the way you used to feel about them. It’s hard to explain. They’re unrecognizable to your heart, even though they used to be the most familiar thing in the world.

  11. When you’re dating someone and they start talking about a movie they “really liked” that, little do they know, is your absolute-all-time-favorite-ever. You know they couldn’t have guessed it even if they wanted to, so the connection is real.

  12. When you’re with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile and you have to break the ice again. But you’re so glad to see them, that suddenly you have tons to talk about. You’re a little nervous as if you’re strangers at first, but then all the familiarity takes over. It feels good.