12 Things You Should Know before Dating the Low Maintenance Girl

Low maintenance doesn’t mean low standards, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t get dressed up, it means she’s one laid back, chilled out, drama free woman. A girl that doesn’t take things too seriously, and doesn’t put too much thought into things that just don’t matter. In short, she’ll be the best girl you’ve ever been with: 

1. All your t-shirts will become PJs.

Your wardrobe is now her wardrobe, ‘cos there’s nothing more she likes lounging in than your oversized work out t-shirt you got from work three years ago. She rocks it way better than you ever will. 

2. You’ll still have room in the shower.

She has soap, shampoo and conditioner, simple as that. You won’t be tiptoeing around a minefield of half empty frizz serums and beaded exfoliating gels every time you go for a quick refresh. 

3. She looks good all the time.

When she wakes up, when she leaves the house, after a night out, during a work out, honestly she could crawl through a mile of mud while being shot at and still look a million dollars.

4. She can get ready before you can.

You’ve barely managed to get out of bed and she’s tapping her foot and checking her watch. Jeans, t-shirt, socks and shoes and she’s ready to go while you’re still brushing your teeth. 

5. You can share clothes.

Half of what she owns she found or borrowed, and most of these came from ex’s or male friends so your wardrobe has now doubled in size. This goes both ways though; so don’t be surprised if she snags your favorite shirt to wear to the bar. 

6. You won’t be getting dragged on shopping trips.

Her ideal weekend isn’t taking you to a thousand different stores to try on the same item of clothing 300 times, she wants to go and do stuff that actually fun, like exploring the city or going on a rooftop acid trip.

7. She’s all-good with getting a little dirty.

She’s more than down with getting a little messed up and a little sweaty, she’s isn’t going to get worried her hair is out of place or her make-ups smudged, because frankly, who cares?

8. Money is prioritized on fun things, not bullshit brands.

She ain’t no material girl, and thank god because she’d much rather be planning a trip to South America than paying off a credit card debt for handbags.

9. Netflix and pizza is better than a 5 star restaurant.

She’d rather have a good ol’ naked snuggle fest under the blankets with beer and junk food than stick on the slinky black number and have eight plates of designer finger food for $300.

10. Drama, what drama?

She doesn’t have the time ‘nor the patience to get involved in some middle school bullshit. She doesn’t care who’s cheating on whom, what she said about her behind her back or who whatshisname is fucking these days, there’s more important stuff to chat about. Like who would win in a fight between Batman and a T-Rex.

11. She knows what’s important.

Her friends, her family, her connections, her education, her relationship, her history, her future and her present, these things are what matters to her and keeps her grounded. 

12. She’s a confident badass bitch.

She owns it, she owns it all; the lifestyle, the attitude, the down-to-earth don’t take no shit, don’t give no shit, I do me, you do you, laidback, chilled out rock star, and you are going to fucking love her for it.