101 Things We Forgot to Thank Our College Roommates For

Whatever your college experience might have been, you can’t look back at it without thinking about the roommates who made your college experience a college experience to remember. Along the way, we might’ve forgot to thank them for a few things: 

  1. Letting me in late that one night, even though you had an exam at 8:30AM.
  2. Not getting mad at me when my room was messy.
  3. For tolerating my sh*t being left everywhere.
  4. Thanks for being nice when addressing major issues.
  5. That time you held my hair back as I threw up.
  6. For carrying me home that time I blacked out.
  7. Thanks for not judging me when I cried.
  8. Thanks for always wishing me luck before exams.
  9. Thanks for baking me cookies on my birthday.
  10. For helping me with that class I struggled in.
  11. Thanks for making sure I was up for class every day.
  12. For cleaning the toilet even though I never did.
  13. Thanks for opening up to me about your personal life.
  14. And listening to me talk about mine.
  15. Thanks for not judging me and accepting my weird habits.
  16. For talking me through that time I was homesick.
  17. Taking that shot with me so I wouldn’t take it alone.
  18. Bringing my homework to me that time I forgot it.
  19. For locating me when I got lost after drinking too much.
  20. Thanks for not judging me that time I woke up naked.
  21. Thanks for not being too mad about that guy I brought back.
  22. For hanging out and watching movies with me during that snow day.
  23. For driving me everywhere or letting me use your car.
  24. Thanks for being the person I could text about anything.
  25. For being one of my first friends of campus.
  26. Thanks for still being my friend after hating me when we lived together.
  27. Thanks for letting me eat your food when I got home drunk that one time.
  28. And letting me eat it sober, even when I denied it. (We both knew.)
  29. Thanks for cleaning the shower as often as you did even if it meant fishing my hairballs out of the drain.
  30. For being the person to pick me up from the party.
  31. Thanks for not hooking up with the same guy I did.
  32. Thanks for bringing me food when I was hung over.
  33. That time you helped me find my phone when I lost it at 2AM.
  34. Thanks for drinking with me on a Monday so it didn’t feel like alcoholism.
  35. Thanks for celebrating the big accomplishments as well as the small ones (even if the small one was just going to class).
  36. For being my food shopping buddy, and letting me eat your food.
  37. Thanks for encouraging my poor choices and never allowing me to make them alone.
  38. For not judging me when I went days without showering during finals week.
  39. Thanks for not getting mad at my sorority sisters. I know they were too loud and high-pitched.
  40. Thanks for not letting me text that fuccboi (you were always right about him).
  41. Thanks for picking me up off the floor and putting me in a bed.
  42. For always having brunch with me on Sunday morning.
  43. Thanks for stalking my crush.
  44. Thanks for going to all those games with me.
  45. For bringing me stuff early in the mornings before games. 
  46. Thanks for doing my assignments for me and helping me get that B.
  47. For always encouraging me to skip class and drink instead.
  48. Thanks for listening to me talk for hours about the crush who thought I was invisible.
  49. Thanks for not laughing too hard all those time I humiliated myself in front of said crush.
  50. Thanks for letting me borrow your clothes, some of which I didn’t return.
  51. For every birthday I didn’t remember.
  52. Thanks for throwing me that birthday party when I turned 21.
  53. Thanks for never telling my parents what I really do on the weekends.
  54. Thanks for going to get that tattoo/piercing with me and holding my hand the whole time.
  55. Thanks for not judging me when I ate the whole carton of ice cream.
  56. Also thanks for joining me so I wasn’t alone.
  57. Thanks for going to the gym with me and reminding me of our goals
  58. Thanks for spending Valentine’s with me, even though you had a boyfriend
  59. For never letting me feel like the third wheel when said boyfriend was over.
  60. Thanks for letting me watch my favorite shows on your TV and for sharing your Netflix account.
  61. Thanks for not getting mad when I was really loud in the morning.
  62. Thanks for tracking my iPhone for me.
  63. Thanks for coordinating Halloween costumes that year.
  64. For helping me locate my retainer.
  65. Thanks for letting me keep that cat/dog in the room until campus police found out about it.
  66. Thanks for coming to get me that time I got arrested.
  67. Holding my hand when I took a pregnancy test.
  68. Thanks for not getting mad that time I puked on you.
  69. Thanks for saving my life that time I almost drownd in the toilet puking 
  70. Thanks for breaking into places around campus with me.
  71. For coming to the funeral of my family member who died.
  72. Thanks for every Saturday football game and paying for the damage we caused.
  73. Thanks for hating that one roommate with me (enough to get them to leave).
  74. Thanks for cleaning me up that time I came home with ripped clothes, covered in blood, and crying.
  75. Not telling boyfriend #1 about boyfriend #2.
  76. Adding the boy who fucked me over on SnapChat just to show him what a good time we were having without him.
  77. Tolerating the smell of my farts and burps.
  78. Helping me figure out what to wear.
  79. That time we danced together on a stripper pole and didn’t feel bad about it.
  80. Acting as my mom away from home.
  81. Being the sister I never had.
  82. Taking care of me when I’m sick.
  83. Taking me to the gyno to ensure I didn’t have an STI.
  84. Leaving cute encouraging notes around the house.
  85. Buying that keg for the house.
  86. Going with me to that awful party, even when the only reason we went was to stalk my crush.
  87. Not staying mad after I told you I was pregnant on April Fools.
  88. Taking out the trash and loading the dishwasher when I refused to.
  89. Dumping the beer on that girl’s head at a party.
  90. Giving me someone to snuggle with when I was hungover.
  91. Texting boys for me when I was too drunk or nervous.
  92. Pregaming before the pregame we showed up drunk for.
  93. Wine nights…enough said.
  94. Coming to visit me at the hospital.
  95. Reminding me to take birth control.
  96. Remembering the things I forgot during my blackout, and not judging me for them.
  97. Helping figure out my schedule when picking classes.
  98. Being my best friend.  
  99. Getting me to graduation even though I was probably still drunk and almost puked on stage
  100. Graduating despite the havoc we wreaked.
  101. For making college the best four years of my life! 

And even if you don’t see your college roommate as much as you once did, remember to thank for keeping you alive.

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