10 Worries Every Anxious Girl Has When Starting to Fall for a New Guy

You’re smiling brighter than you knew you could. Your heart is heavy with joy and bliss. Everyone around you notices your undeniably, radiant-glow.

That certain someone is always on your mind; just the thought of him makes you smile. Each time your phone vibrates against your back-jean pocket, you hope to see his name, and when you do, your eyes light up like stars and your heart begins to race.

As amazing as this all sounds, some of us can’t help but worry. If you’re anything like me, anxious, I’m sure you can relate to at least one of these thoughts…  

  1. Am I the only one, or is he talking to a thousand other girls too?
  2. How do I answer his last text? If I put an exclamation point does it make me look too eager?
  3. It’s been over an hour and he still hasn’t replied to my message – does this mean he’s not interested?
  4. Is he a player? What if he’s one of those guys who’s a charmer but treats the girl like shit?
  5. Will my friends think hes cute? Even more importantly, will his friends think I’m pretty? Will they like me?!
  6. Is he using me for sex or is he actually into me?
  7. What do I wear to his house? I can’t look like I tried too hard, but I still need to look cute and attractive.
  8. Why hasn’t he asked me on a real date yet?
  9. Does he talk to his friends about me? If so, what does he say?!
  10. Is he a relationship type of a guy or is this never going to go anywhere?