10 Ways People With A Hard Shell (But Soft Center) Love Differently

People who have a hard shell don’t really let others onto their feelings. They seem cool and aloof on the outside, but inside, they’re just like anyone else, wanting to love and be loved.

1. They blush on the inside.

Though they might respond to your compliments with a quick “thank you??? and an averted gaze, it’s not because they don’t appreciate it – they’re hanging onto your each and every word. It’s just that they internalize it a bit more.

2. They prefer to show, not tell.

People often have this idea that people with a hard shell simply don’t have any feelings – but it’s the depth of their feelings that makes it so difficult for them to talk about it. If they get started, they might just end up crying. So just when you think they’re off on another planet when you try to have pillow talk with them, they’ll be the first to graze up behind you for a spooning sesh.

3. They’ll go out of their way to please you with thoughtful gestures.

Since they’re not so good at talking about their feelings, they’ll make sure to show you how they feel. Think sweet surprises, breakfast in bed. Or a text when they’re out with their friends – anything to let you know you haven’t left their mind. And aren’t going to leave anytime soon, either.

4. They appreciate their space.

And if you don’t smother them in the beginning, they’ll be drawn to you even more. Eventually, they’ll want to get rid of the space between the two of you altogether – but they need to take their time to make sure they fully trust you.

5. Though they’ve put up walls, they’re there for a reason.

People with a hard shell can often seem cool and indifferent – like they don’t need anybody. But it’s often an act they’re putting on to mask previous heartbreak.

6. They ain’t about that tacky PDA life.

The thing that really gets them is a simple, powerful act, like holding your gaze in a room full of people, or standing just a bit closer to you so that your arms slightly graze past each others. Something invisible to others, but visible to the two of you.

7. They’ll make you feel like you’re in on a secret when you’re out with them.

Their attention is reserved for a special few, but because of that, it’s that much more intense. When you’re walking around with them on a hectic street, you won’t even realize other people are there.

8. They know how to pick their battles.

They’ll let go of the small, unimportant things, without letting them build up. But if they bring up an issue, it means that they’re really hurting about it.

9. If they fight with you, they really care about you.

The bright side is that if they do bring something up, they must really, really care about the relationship. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have said anything in the first place. But if they’ve tried enough and they still feel like they’re not important to you, they’ll retreat as far back as possible – to the point where your existence pretty much becomes irrelevant.

10. They’re incredibly loyal.

At the end of the day, they’ll move mountains for you. They’ll be there for the little things, like celebrating a promotion or a raise. But they’ll also be the one to go with you to the doctor’s office or help you drive your first uHaul when you’re moving into a new apartment.