10 Things You'll Understand if Your Love Language is Touch

Sometimes for you, a simple hug speak louder than words.

  1. You actually hate when random people touch you. You can’t stand people being close to you on the train. It feels gross.

  2. But you’re crazy affectionate to the ones you love. You show all kinds of affection only to people you’re attracted to and can trust because they deserve it.

  3. You show how much you appreciate people in your hugs…and your hugs depend on the person. You give bear hugs to your friends, longer than necessary hugs to your person, and pre-cuddle hugs to your lover.

  4. Touching isn’t all about sex. You enjoy casual touching like forehead kisses, holding hands, a hand to the hip, etc. than you like sexual touching. Casual touching between you and your lover is much more intense because it shows they’re content with you.

  5. You love to hold hands. Most people are annoyed by it but you love it. It makes you feel much closer to someone. It’s like they’re attached to you.

  6. You guarded when it comes to your body…but you’re submissive to the one you trust to take good care of it.

  7. You can’t be with someone who isn’t affectionate…because they feel so cold and distant. You have a hard time connecting with someone emotionally and mentally if they ignore you physically.

  8. You love eye contact…because it can be just as intense as touch. It’s like a mental form of touching.

  9. The way people feel is different to you. Depending on the person, their touch will feel distinctively different. A touch from a friend can feel loving while a touch from crush can make you feel excited.

  10. You have a lot of sensitive points. From beneath your ear to on the back of your neck, you have spots that tickle your nerves. You have a sensitive body which is why touch is your main love language.

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