10 Things to Know Before Dating the Girl Who's Unapologetically Sassy

The girl who’s unapologetically sassy doesn’t make excuses for herself. She is who she is, and if other people don’t like it, not her problem. She can be misunderstood because it takes a real man to handle a girl like her.

1. She will never “play dumb” for you. She’s not the submissive type, looking down at the floor waiting for your constant reassurance. She’s shamelessly smart and doesn’t apologize for her intelligence.

2. If she ever says “sorry” for her bluntness, know that she’s being sarcastic. She won't ever say sorry for being who she is. She speaks sarcasm because the world can’t handle her truths.

3. She’s not a bitchshe’s just confident. People misread her brand of confidence as “bitchy.” But if being smart and outspoken makes her a bitch, then she’ll take it as a compliment when you call her one.

4. She’s hard to read sometimes. She’s not the best at feelings. So she often expresses emotions through sarcasm and sentences laced with swears. "I’m happy. Happy as f*ck."

5. She flirts by insulting you. The more offensive she is, the more into you she is. You’re hideous=You’re gorgeous. She wants you to bite back, show her you’re on the same level. 

6. But if you’re with her, you never have to worry if she likes you. If she didn’t like you, she’d make jokes about it. She wouldn’t lead you on. She wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole.

7. She acts all independent, so you’ll feel like she doesn’t need you. Her mind, her life, her everything is all her own. She’s not the type of girl who needs to be taken care of. But that doesn't mean she won't notice if you make an effort.

8. …But she still wants to be appreciated in a relationship. She may be hard and sassy but don’t underestimate her soft side. She’ll tease you for being a sap, but she’s smiling because she likes knowing how much you care.

9. She will challenge you. She’s not going to nod and smile to everything you say and do. She’ll call you out on your bullsh*t that you didn’t even realize was bullsh*t. 

10. Only a real man can handle her. If you’re with the sassy girl, it’s because you’re strong enough to appreciate her boldness, and not be intimidated by it. 

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