10 Things to Know Before Dating Someone Who has No Chill

  1. We’re not low-maintenance. It’s not that we’re high maintenance nor do we have high expectations. We’re just not easy going. We get anxious and we react to things full force. In fact…

  2. We react strongly to even to the little things. Small disagreements can put us on edge.

  3. We’re not yes people. We will challenge every belief and decision you propose. 

  4. We care. A lot. We can’t help it. We have so many feelings raging in our hearts. 

  5. We’ll usually look to you to make decisions. Especially when it comes to things like where we should eat because we’ll have a hard time choosing something. We’ll most likely over think it.

  6. We hold back when it comes to opening up…because we don’t want to overwhelm you with our feels.

  7. If we ask you what’s wrong, please give a clear answer…or else we’ll be overthinking it to the point where we’ll have an emotional break down.

  8. We’re very affectionate but not the best at expressing it. We love to shower you with affection but we have trouble finding the balance between too much because we’re really into you and not enough because we don’t want to seem too clingy.

  9. We love comforting you in your pain. We understand that you have feelings too but you guard them. 

  10. We tend to suppress our feelings…because we don’t want to flood you with them but we also want to be real with you.

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