10 Signs You're Dating a Ludus Lover

Ludus is one of the Greek words for love but it doesn’t actually mean love. To be a ludus lover is to not take love too seriously. To love without a sense of commitment:

  1. They act like they’re committed to things…but they barely go through with it and that also goes for your relationship. They’re not the kind of person to commit but they do warn you. 

  2. They’re playful with their love…as in they’ll have pillow fights with you or even horse around. It’s not because they’re immature per say, but because they have a child’s heart and love to have fun.

  3. They’ve warned you that they’re not into serious relationships…because it’s just not there thing. They want to enjoy life for what it is, so settling down is not on their minds.

  4. You started out in an almost relationship…until you both finally came to the conclusion that this was an actual relationship even if it’s not all that serious.

  5. They don’t do the whole good morning/night text thing…because it’s the same as being clingy. They’re not the kind of people who express love through the little things.

  6. They’ve proposed having an open relationship…and you wrestled whether or not you’re comfortable with that. You’d rather be with them but you also don’t want to be uptight.

  7. And threesomes…which you were happy saying no to.

  8. They’re sometimes emotionally detached…because only part of their heart is in this relationship so they sometimes come off as cold.

  9. But they do make the effort to show they care about you…because they do care even if it doesn’t show. They just don’t see you in their future.

  10. It’s takes a while for them to say “I love you.” You’ve accepted the fact that they may never say it. But at the same time, you hope to hear it because you have love for them.

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