10 Fatherly Qualities You Look for in a Boyfriend

For many little girls, our dads are our first loves. They protect us, nurture us, and provide for us from the beginning of our lives, then send us out into the world prepared for life on our own. These men set the example for the kind of man we’ll want to find in a boyfriend or husband someday, because dads want nothing short of the best for their daughters.

Here are some of your dad’s qualities that you look for in your future partner:

1. His endless wealth of wise advice

Dads always seem to know what to say, and how to say it. Whether you had an issue with one of your professors, or didn’t know how to ask for a raise, you could always ask good old dad what you should do.

You want a partner who can help you solve problems just like your dad. He’s someone who can help you work through your issues and tirelessly think of a solution.

2. His amazing sense of humor

There’s nothing like watching dads in action at a family party or a sports bar. Dads have a plethora of stories they’ve collected over the years, and can crack up a room full of people (or at least get you to roll your eyes and smirk).

Everyone knows a sense of humor is one of the sexiest qualities women look for in a partner. You want to find your dad’s sense of humor in your partner: not too crude, but can be the life of the party anywhere he goes.

3. His genuine interest in your daily life

Your dad wants to hear from you. Even though he doesn’t tell you, he really, really wants to know what’s going on. Dads don’t want to be intrusive and bombard you with phone calls and questions, but nothing makes them happier when you fill them in on your day.

An ideal partner will be just like your dad, he’s sincerely interested in hearing about how your day went. He might not worry as much as your dad, but he still cares about your life, no matter how mundane.

4. His fierce support of your dreams

Nothing makes a dad happier than seeing his little girl live out her dreams. No matter what you wanted to do, whether it was to become a doctor or ballerina, your dad made sure you were in the best school possible. 

If your partner is anything like your dad, he’ll stand with you through all of your successes and failures. He doesn’t try to compete with you or make more money, but he genuinely wants to see you reach your goals.

5. He only wants the best for his little girl

Dads tend to be reasonable and practical, but sometimes they just can’t comprise when it comes to their daughters. When your mom wouldn’t budge on that expensive prom dress, your dad came to the rescue. 

You want to spend a part of your life with someone who doesn’t let you settle. A partner like your dad will push you to get into the best schools, get the best position at a company, or even just eat the healthiest foods you can get.  

6. His calming reassurance and support of your endeavors

Ever have an existential crisis and wonder what the hell you’re doing with your life? (Try like every week). You call up dad and he’s there just waiting to help you out. No matter what path you’re on, your dad reassures you that you can get through anything.

Your partner will support you through all the tears and confusion, because he’s in the same boat. A partner like your dad will be your rock, he won’t let you stray from your path and he’ll reassure you’re that you’re doing everything right.

 7. His compassion

Dads had to raise tiny little girls, and saw them through the years of mean girls in middle school and hormonal pubescent boys in high school. Through all of the stress-inducing stages of little girls’ lives, dads become more careful, compassionate, and gentle with their daughters.

A partner like your dad will know how to treat you with the same gentle and compassionate nature as your dad. He respects you, but offers his protection when you need it.  

8. His desire to teach you about the world

Your dad has been on this planet longer, so believe it or not, he has some pretty interesting stories about his travels or odd jobs. Dads provide a new perspective on life, and can help you to look at the world in a new light.

Not all men in their 20s are well traveled or extremely experienced, but they’ve lived a completely different life than yours. A partner like your dad will share his experiences and teach you to see the world in a way that you’ve never imagined.

9. His dedication

Whether it’s to a sports team or to a news channel, your dad is dedicated and eagerly follows the game or the daily report. It can get a little predictable, but the dedication he shows to his personal interests reflect his core dedication to the people he cares about.     

It’s a good sign if your partner fiercely follows a pathetic sports team. It shows that he wants to stick around through the bad times, because he knows it makes the good times that much better.

10. He taught you how to love

Your dad is the first man that you will ever love, and he taught you how to love a person unconditionally. He set the standard for the love his daughter deserves, and you shouldn’t accept anything less.