You're the Kindest Personality Type If You Relate To These Things

A lot of people claim to be kind but only a few can say that they’re legitimately and wholeheartedly kind people by nature. Turns out, people who can wear this personality trait like a badge, are those who fall under the ISTJ ( Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judgment )  personality type in the Myers-Briggs personality set.

This personality type is considered the kindest  type out there and it really stands out when it comes down to separating the average kind joe from the very thing “Will the real kind person please stand up”

Honesty, loyalty and integrity are at the core of the ISTJ personality, so it makes a lot of sense that acts of kindness are what drive these type of people to be so sweet and special to be around.

They’re mellow and don’t say or express much but their hearts are full with selflessness and warmth and will fill up a room with good vibes by just being in it.

If you think you fall under the kindest personality type, you will definitely relate to these signs:

  1. Your mind is hard-wired to be logical. So, you always rely on your critical thinking to approach life in a very practical and assertive manner. You’re the type to set goals and plans to make them happen. And you stick to them until you do.
  2. Perfectionist tendencies are your Achilles’ heel. You can be super self-critical and demand A LOT from yourself….
  3. But it’s only because you’re generous to a fault. You want to make sure you’re being your best so you can serve others well. You go above and beyond for the people that you love. Making people happy makes your heart full, so random acts of kindness are always top priority on your to-do list. So, for the most part…
  4. You’re the voice of reason in your friend group. You’re the go to person for advice and a shoulder to cry on. And you’re happy to do it because you take on that role like it’s your calling. You have the ability to talk people out of doing crazy shit, motivate, encourage and give people the dose of honesty they need to get their act together.
  5. Honesty is your truest expression of authenticity. Because kindness without honesty is not kindness. You take pride in speaking truth with compassion because you know that keeping it real cuts through deception and gives you clarity to discard what you don’t need in your life.
  6. You’re focused and calm…you’re literally a ninja in disguise. It’s really hard to get you upset or flustered. You have a very good handle of your emotions, which helps you be grounded and assertive…
  7. At that makes you great at taking charge with a steady hand. You’re known to being centered and rarely have trouble handling complex situations.
  8. You’re a creature of habit. You like stability in your life, so your set routines to make you feel like you’re stepping on steady ground. Change and unpredictability make you uneasy but not to the point where you turn to irrational thinking.
  9. Happiness and love to you can be found in the little things. Your kind-hearted spirit couldn’t see it any other way. You’re sort of an emotional minimalist. You see the beauty in the simple things that life has to offer. A sunset, the rain, a nice random act of love given to you by someone else…They’re all enjoyed and appreciated fully.
  10. People refer to you as an old soul. But how can you blame them? You’re a deep thinker who has plenty of love to give and wisdom to share.

“Kindness in words creates confidence.  Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” –  Lao Tzu