You will be the person wondering now

Truthfully, I should have listened to everyone.  I should have listened when they said it was a terrible idea to date a coworker, but I couldn’t help myself.  I fell for you, and I fell hard.

I remember how we would take the elevator up to a random floor just to make out, just so you could put your hands through my hair, and grab waist and pull me closer. 

I remember waking up with you, and knowing I got to continue to see you all day, I would see you in the hallways and smirk because you were my little secret. 

Everything was perfect, we were perfect. 

When you left me, I was destroyed.  I couldn’t come to work and see you everyday.  You knew what you had done to me, and you were happy.  You knew every time I saw you I broke even more, you knew you had a power over me. 

Here’s something you don’t know, I got a new job, and now you have to live with never seeing me again.  You will no longer have the power to break me with just a look.  You will never hear my voice in the halls, and my laughter.  When you ask people about me, they won’t tell you.  They won’t tell you because you lost the privilege to know anything about me.  

It’s going to hurt you more than it will hurt me, because when I leave, I will start to heal, and you will start to break.

nd you will start to break.