You Should Choose to Follow Your Dreams over a Guy and Here's Why

If you’re single, there’s no need to stress over having a man in your life when you can be truly focusing on yourself. In fact, the man of your dreams will find it even sexier that you’re following your passion instead of living your life around his. Follow your dreams, stay true to yourself, and everything, including love will fall into place, trust me.

I get it, no matter how old you are, there’s always that lingering thought of I don’t  want to be alone for the rest of my life. There’s not a soul on this earth who doesn’t fear loneliness, the way it creeps into your system in your quiet moments, it’s ability to take over, and suddenly paralyze you without warning. For some of us, it’s part of our life goal to find our soulmates, to have someone by our side through all walks of life… and there’s no judgement here if that’s your goal, but it would break my heart if your success in life suffered because of that.

Because with relationships come compromise. You give up your favorite activity on Saturday mornings to have breakfast with him and he gives up staying late at happy hour on Thursdays to eat dinner with you. Simple things like that. But other times, the compromise falls on a much larger scale.

One day, he might wake up and ask you to move to a different state with him because he got a new job offer. He’s asking you to completely uproot your life just to be with him, would you do it? You’d have to start over completely, find new work, new friends, leave your family… See, when compromise turns into sacrifice, it has the ability to become life altering and that’s when I say it’s time to take a step back.

What about your dreams? What about the career goals you’ve been working towards since you were young? You deserve a chance to slay at your dream job just as much as any man does. You can’t possibly walk away from becoming a boss ass bitch now, your life aspirations aren’t fulfilled yet.

Please, don’t allow yourself to just be the pretty girlfriend who has really nice clothes and always looks so put together. Be the woman who doesn’t realize she has stains on her shirt because she was rushing out of the house so fast that she didn’t even get a chance to look in the mirror. Be the woman who works those long hours, gets that promotion, and takes herself out to dinner to celebrate. Be the woman who has been studying for so long that her eyes are bloodshot, but she won’t call it a night until she’s finished that last chapter.

Keep focusing on your career, on making yourself into someone other girls can look up to, then you’ll be shining so bright that the right man will come your way.

He’ll see the way your passions fuel your life and he’ll be fascinated by you. He’ll watch the way you don’t hesitate to offer to pay for the bill and you don’t get bothered when he has to stay late at work– because you have to, too. He’ll think you’re the sexiest woman he’s ever met and you won’t even have to try.

So for right now, be selfish. Be proactive. Be true to yourself. Submerse  yourself in the things you truly enjoy, the things that make you smile without even realizing it. Find your hobby, your Saturday morning activity, and don’t give that up for any man.

I know you probably wanted to settle down by a certain age and to not be on track for that can be scary. But when you follow your heart, you’ll learn to never regret a second of your life and that everything that’s meant to be will fall into place if you allow it.

You’ll meet your man when the time is right, but until then, be proud of your accomplishments, of your drive to live your best life. Strive to work harder, to be the ‘ultimate career goals.’ 

There’s nothing sexier than a woman who chases her passions over a man. Be that woman.

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