You Picked Me Up When He Put Me Down

When we started talking I didn't think very highly of myself. What I lacked in confidence you had enough for the both of us combined. My entire world had been turned upside down. 

The future I thought I knew, gone in the blink of an eye. Little did I know the future I thought I wanted wasn't what I needed.

I was convinced there was something wrong with me. Something that made it impossible to stay faithful and honest. Something that made me a perfect candidate to join the undeserving of love club.

You see he stripped me of my confidence and my faith in love, or in believing the idea that someone would actually stick around. I was the girl who cried during Nicholas Sparks movies, believed in cute moments that'd make your heart race. I believed in the idea of love, till it left me alone.

That's when you came into the picture. You saw the broken me and you didn't run. You saw the stuff I was going through and you said it didn't matter. You called me beautiful and for the first time in awhile I actually believed it.

I instantly began to overthink everything because it's what I do. I told myself eventually you'd find a reason to leave, that'd it'd be too much to handle. You'd go, just like all of them before you. However at this point I was hooked on your smile and your kiss and your laugh was easily one of my favorite sounds.

Every time he was there to be difficult, to put a dent in my day or cause tears to stream down my face you were there to either wipe them away or remind me of my worth and to show me that you were definitely not like him.

I'm convinced that when your heart gets broken in such a way that you never think it's going to heal, is equivalent to what it feels like falling into a cold dark pit. You're far enough in where you don't want to try and get out, you feel alone and you don't want to reach out for help because it makes you vulnerable to someone else hurting you.

Except you get just this little glimpse of sunlight and a warm breeze comes over you and you begin to think that maybe if you stuck your hand out that someone stronger than you would be there to help pull you through.

That hand for me was you.

I don't know what the future holds for me or you or if there will come a time we'll part and completely go separate ways but I know that I'll always be grateful for you. Without you I wouldn't have shaken off the way he made me feel. It would have taken me so much longer to start looking on the brighter side of life. There would have been more tears and a longer struggle to find my self-confidence again.

You re-lit a flame that I was almost sure was about to be extinguished forever. You reminded me that I deserve to be treated so much better than he treated me.

I just hope you know that when I really look at you I see a wonderful guy, even if it doesn't seem that way and that if you ever felt your own light starting to fade, I would be there to help show you just how brightly it should be shining, all you'd have to do is ask.

So thank you, for seeing the good in me when he couldn't. Thank you for sticking by my side when I needed you the most. Thank you for being my rock when I felt weak and my anchor when I needed to be grounded. Thank you for bringing back my smile and thank you for being you, because at the time that is all I needed.

As always,

Exclusively yours

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