You Owe It to Your Heart to Let Your Guard Down

Ever since your first heart break you reside behind these walls of self-shame. Scarred from the last, so now when you step out into the world you’re only expecting the same results as the last. 

All you hear and see is broken promises. Hurt by the last you begin to reframe behind these walls of false faces, holding back the pain of a broken mind, heart, and soul. All you know is this will be the last time, so fear begins to eat at an already broken heart. 

Your soul begins to turn cold becoming a lonely heart that has lost all the feel for something real, no longer looking to be loved. All because you feel the next will only follow your ex. Now, all you hear and see is empty promises.

When a woman experiences a broken heart, she doesn't bounce back or play it off so easily.  She begins questioning all her life lessons; she begins to feel as if she is lesser. She loses all faith in love and blames herself for not being worth someone’s heart. 

Walls are put up, holding so many pieces of a broken soul. She questions herself as a woman. Her self-confidence becomes lower, pursued by men left and right with the right intentions; that are pure.  But how can she see? She's stuck on the last, and finds herself in attracting the type of men that will not value her. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy game that she plays with herself not because she wants to cause more pain but because she’s not willing put her walls down and risk getting hurt again.

Now do you see we live in a broken cycle caused by self pain, always stuck on the last, afraid to move and try again? But does it matter who's the cause? We all been the player and we been played. At the end of the day, pain is pain and no one wants to experience a broken heart, so why would you do the same??

You must be strong and continue to believe it love. It’s not worth crushing your world for someone's wrong doing. You owe it to your heart and soul to find the love that will forever fulfill your heart. 

It starts with you. Live for you, remain open to the possibilities and begin to trust that all heartache only gets you closer to the one person that will truly see you for who you are and give you all the love that you deserve. 

Don’t punish heart for the mistake of others. Forgive and continue to move on. At the end of the day, finding real love is a gamble and you have to stay strong until you find the one for you.