You Let Me Go, But Now You're Mad I'm Running Free

I think it's funny how you were worried that you were missing out on life's adventures with me. You were worried there was something out there better for you. You thought a future with me in it, meant boredom, stability and the things that propel you into an adulthood you aren't ready for. 

Well now you're alone, but you still look at my Instagram. You still talk about me to your friends. I don't think you've gone on any fun vacations or met anyone new. You still have to work at your job. You are still aging. You still have responsibilities. The only thing missing is me. 

However in an interesting twist of events, my life has changed for the better. 

You really gave me a sweet gift when you left me to be a man-child. You made me realize that my future could still be fulfilling and exciting even when I took you out of it. You made me realize that other people are out there, on dating apps, in coffee shops, or even at the vet where I take my dog. 

I realized it's ok for me to be selfish. I can put myself above other people sometimes, I don't have to plan my dreams around someone's life. I have the freedom to go after all my deep seeded desires. 

Now I go on girl's trips, I let guys buy me drinks at bars. I dance all night, never looking at my phone waiting for your text. I buy clothes that I know you would hate, not out of spite, but because I let your thoughts become my own, and I'm now learning to differentiate me from you. 

You have given me so much freedom, and even though I was sad for awhile, and still am sometimes when our favorite movie comes or I remember one of our inside jokes– I'm doing better. 

I lost you but in the end, I'm gaining so much more. 

I didn't realize you were holding me back, until the day you told me that you thought I was holding you back. 

I hope that your life will become everything you thought it would be without me because my life without you is everything I could have never imagined, and so much more in the best ways possible. 

I'm on a new adventure, and you're not invited anymore.

"Stay up off my Instagram, pure temptation." – Rihanna