You Ghosted Me And I Am Slowly Coming To Terms With It

You ghosted me and I am slowly coming to terms with it. 

Why would you do that to someone? Why would you put all that emotion and effort into something for a certain period of time and then just up and leave without any explanation? 

I don’t understand why you did this and I don’t think I will ever understand why someone would choose to do this to someone they once felt feelings for. 

I will never forgive you but I cannot pretend that I am still angry with you.

I will eventually move on and I will eventually not feel this painful feeling. I know that I will soon find peace within myself and I know that this part of my life will soon be a distant memory that will have no significance to my future. 

I know these wounds that I now have will soon heal and mend back together. I know all of these things, but I also know that it will take time for these things to occur. 

I accept the fact that you have moved on, even though I secretly wish you feel bad for what you did and that you actually miss me. 

I accept the fact that you most likely said what you said because you wanted an easy way out, probably because you didn’t want anything that involved commitment. 

I accept that you and I will probably never see each other again, yet alone talk again. 

The reason I am writing this is so you know I am not angry with you, but I am broken because of you. I will heal, as all people heal. 

I hope you understand that what you did, no one should ever do. I hope the next girl in your life doesn’t have to feel the way I feel. 

I hope you can find happiness in some form and eventually that I will too. 

You ghosted me, and I do not hate you or have anger towards you but I am broken because of you but I am slowly coming to terms with it.