You Complain about “Adulting", But You’re Still Using Your Daddy’s Credit Card

Hate to break it to you but that credit card has Daddy’s name on it, not yours. 

You’re one big child who’s too scared to face the realities of life.

Hey, at least you’re a big child who gets to drive a BMW?

Just don’t cry “poor me” when you have to pay for new tires because you’ve recklessly drove it. 

But you know if you cry loud enough Daddy will hear it and come save the day but so does every 5 year old. 

Usually, “adulting” consists of paying for things on your own, without Daddy to come and save you.

Being an adult means having a sense of pride in your own self accomplishments. 

What is this self sufficiency I’m talking about?

It’s knowing that you have priorities consisting of needs before wants and knowing the difference between privileges and basic needs.  

Being adult is being broke because you paid the mortgage, you paid the bills, put some in the savings and then have nothing left over.

Don’t complain about bills stacking up and being in debt if you have hair extensions and fake eyelashes.

Don’t complain about the cost of new tires or the price of gas when you drive a diesel truck. 

Don’t complain about paying for groceries if you’ve racked up a $200 phone bill.

Don’t complain about not being able to pay for rent if you went out to the bar last weekend.

Live within your means.

Stop blowing the money you do have on things you don’t need.

Stop going over to Mommy and Daddy’s to ask for another handout. 

That’s great your parents are still enabling you so much to the point that you never will realize what actual adulting is.

The best thing a parent can ever do for their child is making them suffer the realities of the real world.

Don’t you want your parents to be rid of the burden of financially supporting their children?

Don’t you want to give your parents their life back?

Stop mooching off of them because you know they won’t tell you no. Have some dignity.

I bet you don’t know what it’s like not being able to go and ask your parents for money. 

I’ll give you an idea of what it’s like:

It’s living paycheck to paycheck.

It’s living within your means and budgeting every cent. 

It’s understanding that if you cannot afford it, you go without.

It’s being in an emergency and not knowing where or who to turn to because you know there is no one able to bail you out. 

It’s eating the same leftovers 4 nights in a row.

It’s selling items you love so you can be able to pay rent this week.

It’s owning up to your mistakes and having to pay for them.

It’s looking back and seeing that you started at nothing but made something of yourself.

True adulting is accepting that you are responsible for yourself. 

Until you can do that, shut the fuck up.

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