You Are My Epiphany, Love Is Real

I’ve been treated terribly for such a long time, that it became a normal thing for me. I stopped noticing how wrong it was, and just accepted it as normal. 

I’d become so used to it that I actually forgot that I deserved better than what I was getting. 

I settled.

I forgot what it was like to genuinely be treated right. I forgot what it was like to feel wanted, to feel beautiful. 

I forgot what it was like to have someone do things for me because they want to, not because I’ve begged them to. 

I forgot what it was like to feel worth something… 

Then you come along, and turn my entire world right side up again. 

You’ve taken everything I’ve known, everything I’m used to, and thrown it right out the window. You are the exact opposite of everything that made me forget my worth. 

You are my epiphany.

You’ve reminded me that I’m beautiful. You truly believe that I deserve the best. 

You go out of your way to make sure I can do things that make me happy and that I have things that I need. 

You always speak to me with respect, even when you’re upset or angry. 

You defend me. You listen to me. You love me, and you show it. 

There’s one thing that you said to me a while ago that has forever stuck in my mind since: “You deserve the most love that can possibly be given to a human being.??

I do. I do deserve that. I do deserve love, and I do deserve happiness. 

I deserve the smiles, the butterflies, the “there’s no way this is actually real?? kind of love. 

I deserve to be treated right. I deserve to have as much effort put into me as I put into others. 

If it weren’t for you, I might not have ever remembered any of this. I might not have ever realized how happy I can be. 

But thankfully,… you were my epiphany.

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