Xombie Releases New Single & You "Might As Well" love it.

Xombie, a punk, metal meets rap band has released their first single off their upcoming album titled Super Cell.  First things first, Xombie is a killer band name. 

I'm all for combining genres and creating a unique sound. However, I approached the song with caution. I wanted to like this song before I even listened to it. I decided this was a sound I wanted to get behind. Almost as if the guy I had been seeing (and really liked) told me this band was his passionate side project.

So, upon first listen to the track, Might as Well, these are my thoughts: 

– Cool guitar intro

– This is not what I was expecting in a good way. 

– Can definitely picture myself scream singing these lyrics at a live a concert. 

– Love the contrasting genres.

Basically, I was pleasantly surprised that this sound works, but I guess I shouldn't have been. Music is evolving and changing all the time, and so does taste. If something sounds fun and you can dance to it, there's no need to question if it's too different, because sometimes that's the best thing about it. 

Might as Well is perfect for headbanging, treadmill running, and anytime you just want to feel a little cooler. 

It's a sure-fire crowd favorite and your new hype song.

Give the track Might as Well a listen on Xombie's Soundcloud page:

If you love it, then eagerly await the June 2017 arrival of Super Cell. I may have inside info that Super Cell is slamming too!