Why the Girl Who's Been Through a Brutal Breakup, Loves the Hardest

When a girl experiences heartbreak, her world changes. Everything she once knew becomes jaded, but that's not always a bad thing.

She’s fought through her lowest lows all on her own…

And because of that, she has a full understanding of what she deserves. It wasn’t easy, but she fought for her own happiness and in the process she found herself. 

When it comes to her worth, there’s no question, she’d never let a guy bring her down ever again. 

So she’d never deliberately hurt anyone.

She has more scars and bruises on her heart than she’d like to admit. But because of that, she’s well aware of what works and what doesn’t work in a relationship. 

She knows what it feels like for thing to go south and to fall apart. Because of that, she’d never in a million years pick a fight just because she felt like it.

Or go out of her way, to push someone’s buttons. She prides herself on everything she’s learned and would never make the same mistake twice. 

Her appreciation for love runs deeper than most.

She knows what it’s like to love someone with her entire being only to have it ripped away. Her last love might not have lasted, but she still has hope that one day she’ll find her forever love. 

And once she does find him, she’ll never stop fighting for him. She loves every flaw, every awkward moment, every day filled with doing nothing. 

She appreciates every little thing life has to offer because she never knows if it’s going to be taken away from her.

She’ll do everything to make you smile…

Because her love for you is going to be stronger than any other love you’ve experienced. 

She’ll wake up before your alarm even goes off just to make you coffee and she’ll always know your Starbucks order by heart. 

But won’t be afraid to leave if she’s unhappy. 

But if you’re not reciprocating the effort, if you’re not doing everything in your power to keep her, she’s going to walk away. The last thing she wants is to get her hopes up just to be let down again.

She’ll never let you go a day without knowing that you’re loved.

She is a very empathetic person and she knows what it’s like to go days questioning if she’s loved. Because of that, she’ll never go to bed without saying goodnight. 

She’d never go a day without calling you just to chat about how work was. And she’d never get food without asking you if you’re hungry.

She's used to being on her own so when she does let you in, just know it's because she truly wants you there.

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