Why It's Okay That You're Still Not Over Your Heartache

They tell you how painful heartbreak is, but they never taught you how to prepare yourself for the dull, throbbing, aching pain that comes along with it.

It's been months and it still feels as though he shattered your world yesterday. 

You've had your good days, but with the good, comes the bad. The bad days are the worst. It feels like you can't breathe: there's an elephant on your chest. 

Friends are constantly telling you that things will get better and that you're better off without him. 

But what they don't know is what really went on in your relationship. How this breakup was completely out of left field. How he made you the happiest person on the face of the earth, which later led to your happiness depending on him being there.

You were his princess and he was your prince. He tucked you in at night and sang to you. He rubbed your head for hours on end just to help you fall asleep. He was everything you ever wanted and needed. 

But then he left. All of a sudden he wasn't there to tuck you in or rub your head. He wasn't there to sweep you off your feet like the prince you knew him to be. Along with him went your happiness. 

You can try to forget him, but that will prove ineffective. Why would you want to forget someone who you loved with every ounce of your being? 

The memories are flooding back one by one. But you're only remembering the good times and keep wondering where you went wrong. 

Happiness seems out of sight because once you find that you aren't thinking about him as much, the guilt comes pouring in. You feel guilty for moving on without him and for starting to find your own happiness that no longer has anything to do with him. 

You'll find that you're having more good days than bad. Even though the bad days will take you to the darkest of places, take pride in the fact that your happiness is slowly but gradually overshadowing your sadness. 

Take all the time you need to grieve your relationship. If the love was real, there will be no timeline for when you should be over him.