When You're Grateful for the Little Things, The Light in Your Heart Gets a Little Brighter

I believe that being thankful every day has the power to keep us grounded and focused on the things that really matter in our lives. When it comes to being thankful, most people are thankful for tangible possession. But what about those things that are not so visible to the naked eye but hold a special value in our hearts? Those things that go beyond material things such as…

Your support group. It could be family or friends, all those people that you know you can count on and will always be there for you unconditionally. It might sound cliche, but those people are part of your close circle for a reason. They not only bring you joy on a personal level, but also fill your life with lessons and memories that are also part of what makes you who you are. Be thankful for them always, they help you remain sane in this chaotic world and can sure contribute to your overall health, which is something else should you keep on your gratitude list. 

Give thanks for you mental, physical and spiritual health. No matter what your situation is on each department, it’s important to keep in mind that it can always be worth. Take time to fully acknowledge how fortunate you are to be able to breath, think and provide your body with the necessary things to keep you going. Your body is your temple and you’re lucky for everything that it can do for you. 

Show gratitude to the things you’ve learned. Knowledge is priceless and will be part of who you are forever. Even better, it will continue to grow as you remain open to experience life to the fullest, so you should also be grateful for…

Being able to experience the present moment. Life is filled with beauty but you have the free will to see, feel and experience every second of it. It’s not about  seeing the world through rose colored glasses. Everyone have dark days, it’s about acknowledging that you have the ability to connect to the beauty the world around you offers you to help you see the cup half full instead of half empty. 

Be thankful for being able to offer empathy. Empathy and sympathy in life are one of the most beautiful forces. To know there are people in the world who would help others in a situation of need is amazing. You have that ability and that’s a gift that in itself can immensely fulfill your life. 

Be grateful for those little things that make you who you are. Each and every one of those things have infinite value and reminding yourself that they exist and are part of your world every second of every day, can help you see life from a perspective of abundance. Be thankful for being alive today and everyday.