When Your Heart Has Only Known Pain, A Good Man Is The Hardest to Love

Finding a good man seems like  a foreign concept. Often times we think that  good man might be someone who just wants something from us that we aren't willing to give. Othertimes we realize we have been duped so much we find it so hard to think they exists. We  figure that there must be something wrong – we think how can someone be good man. 

And we realize though it may be what we want – we may not be used to it. So it becomes hard to love, to invest, to hold on. A good man is one we are not used to. We are not used to a good think because we are not used to be loved the way we need.

A good man is hard to love because though we know his actions are in line with a set of moral codes and personal standards – we might not know how to react and how to respond. 

We do not want to be with someone manipulative or selfish of course, but we are still getting used to being with someone who will love us without conviction. We are used to being with someone who loves us because we are what they and nothing more.

A good man is a type we have been waiting for – we just might not quite be sure how to love because all we have known is the wrong type of man.

And so it is hard to love a good man because we might be insecure yes – maybe a bit unsure – but we are learning how to let the good man in that is you. 

A good man is hard to love because we are still becoming familiar with what it means to have our needs met. To be asked about our well being – to be increasingly thoughtful is a brand new experience to us. And because of that is hard to love something or someone you are not used to be around all the time.

These things take time. This new type of – actual ballpark – thoughtful kind of advances are new for us to grasp. And so we need you to be patient with us and our hearts. 

When your heart has only known the pain  it can be difficult to let the good ones in. It can be hard to think about how someone is really wanting to love you for who you are. And to have someone honest, and thoughtful is confusing. 

And it because when your history is nothing but a lot of non-relationships and hardships it is a new experience to have real communication. It is hard to let someone in the midst of open wounds and hurts.

So please be patient. In the midst of breaking down walls and rediscovering love. It can be a little complicated to love someone who seems to good to be true. 

We know as a good man you are not there to change us – that you genuinely mean well. But this level of goodness is something we are still processing. We are still learning to encounter the closeness you are enticing us with. 

We have tried and tried again to keep loving people who were never good for us – so to have someone in front of us who is changing all of that is something we have to open up and be ready for.

Loving you is harder than we ever experienced because we are learning what it means to love all over again. So please be patient with that. We want to keep you around because you are exactly what we need. 

Just know it might take some time.