When Grieving Don't Give Up on Life

Sometimes it feels there is no end in sight when you are grieving.  Your hear physically aches and you realize nothing will be the same again.  Don't let the grief become so heavy that you give up on life.

Don't die with the dead.

I'm not saying you shouldn't be sad.  I'm not saying you won't feel empty.  I'm saying you can't stop living your life.

Continue to do the things that brought you joy.  Continue to surround yourself with people that make you laugh.

Sometimes, even when you don't feel like it,

Think of the person you lost.  Would they want you to be cooped up inside your house, shutting everyone else out?  Highly unlikely.

Do not feel guilty for having a good day.

There will be wounds that will never fully heal.  There will be voids that will never be filled again.

But you are still alive.  And you still have a life worth living.

Losing one life was tragic enough.  But you shouldn't lose your life too.  Not while you are still very much alive.

Life will never be the same again.  And it shouldn't be.  But you can still find joy and you can still find peace.

Even in your grief, you deserve happiness.  And it is okay to be happy.

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