What To Know Before You Date My Mom

My mother is the strongest woman I know. I don't show appreciation for all she is often enough. Not only what she has done for me, but for the superhero inside of her.

As I grow up, I watch my mom more closely, looking to her as an inspiration for the type of person I want to be. I look to her for the strength I need. I have never known another person to make it look so easy.

More often than not, I see her at her best. I've seen her hold a family together in moments of sheer chaos. I've seen her uplift all those around her with just a smile. Her kindness that surpasses human nature is borderline sainthood.

There are times though, I've seen my mom at her worst, I know what it looks like when she cries. I've seen her angry, at me, my siblings, herself, and even the world.

Though she hides it well, I've also seen my mom broken.

I've seen the world crash down on her. As it does, she prefers to know that her children are okay, regardless of an emotional battle going on inside of herself.

So to you, the man who wants to date her, I have a few things I want you to know before you get involved. I am not going to threaten you. I just want to give you some advice. I'm telling you this not only because she deserves the best, but also because I want you to see all of the best in her.

From the day she became a mom, her life has been spent protecting her children. This is something she will never stop doing. Now that us kids are grown, in a way, it is our turn to help protect her.

She is the leader of our pack, the reason we exist, so don't take it personally when we don't like you. We won't always get along. That doesn't mean too much. It is our way of watching out for her. The woman who would do anything for us receives the same respect.

I've already spoken about her kindness. In all she does for you, I hope that you do just as much. In every kind word she speaks to you, I hope you have more to give her in return.

Every time you see how beautiful she is, tell her. Not a single minute passes that she shouldn't be reminded. If her inner beauty is shining, tell her. If you are happy to be sitting next to her, tell her. Shower her with every compliment that comes to mind.

If ever there is a time when you mess up, even slightly, apologize. "I'm sorry" is one of the most powerful phrases. Use it as often as you should, and always be sincere.

Don't let her strength bother you. If you do, it won't last. Don't ever try to take away the core of her soul. That strength raised me. It is the one thing I lean on the most. If you are ever down, that strength will be the thing that picks you up again.

If she is down, you need to be her strength. I don't know if anyone could ever match it, but you will need to try. Let her lean on you when she needs someone by her side. Let her be weak when she breaks, but never take advantage of it. Her moments of weakness will not last forever.

When you fall for her, love her with all you have, because she will do the same. Don't let anything hold you back and never let her go. Never let a day pass that she doesn't know you care.

If you forget every word I've written, I ask you to please, never forget this. If you love my mom, love her right, love her hard, and do all you can to make her happy.