What No-Shave-November Is & Why It's More Than Just Hairy Dudes

When most people think of November they think of Thanksgiving, family, and the beginning of the holiday season. But I, on the other hand, dreaded it. Because for me, November meant my other half went into No-Shave-November mode and goes from my clean shaven perfect man to a stubbly poking monster who physically hurts to kiss.  At that point, I didn't really know what No-Shave-November was and why it's so much more than just hair dudes.  

He would wake up, roll out of bed, and head straight to work without taking a razor to his face. I was dumbfounded. Didn’t he care what he looked like? Why didn’t his boss take him aside and be like, “hey man, your beard is disgusting you’re freaking everybody out.” 

I used to hate No-Shave-November, actually, no, I used to loathe it. And when it came to his expectation of me throughout the month of November, he said had to stop shaving too? Um… no thanks. 

I couldn't last more than a week before I was crying for my razor back to trim down the unsightly leg hair. And hello, going down on each other is no walk in the park with all those extra friends getting in the way. He actually threw in the towel on that for the month. Yet another reason I hated No-Shave-November… 

But after looking more into what it’s actually about, my heart literally melted.  

No-Shave-November is an actual web-based, non-profit organization.  Their mission, through growing a beard, is to raise money and cancer awareness. They transformed growing out your hair into a symbol for supporting those who have lost theirs battling cancer. This is a life-changing foundation created to shed light on men’s health with a special focus on colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, future cancer prevention, and cancer research. 

Heart melting status, right?

And as a charitable organization, all they ask is that you grow out your facial hair instead of spending money on shaving/ grooming products and donate the money instead.  All the funds raised go to research, education, and aiding those who are battling cancer in and out of hospitals.  

Plus, they’ve made it so easy for you to create your own team on their website and do it with your friends, too.

Yeah, so as you can imagine the guilt I felt for hating my boyfriend for No-Shave-November-ing was overwhelming. My big-hearted guy was just trying to make a difference in this world and here I am, tearing him apart because his facial hair irritates my skin. There aren’t enough “I’m sorry’s” in the world. 

I’m sure not every guy who’s got a beard in November is growing it out to help fight cancer, but if you are already planning on growing it out, why not do it for a great cause?  Think about it this way, your girlfriends can’t really get mad at you because you’re being a great human being. So much more respect. 

This goes out to the ladies as well. We all know how much waxing and threading ends up costing us, so imagine how much we could donate if we all collectively skip our appointments. Together, we could make a huge difference.   

If it is inevitable that this battle of the sexes is going to ensure, let’s put a purpose to it.  So spread the word and donate. It’s time we all participate in No-Shave November that way it can actually be productive this year.  

Visit this website and join the fight.  

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