What Everyone Really Needs to Understand About Introverts

Introverts can be hard to read but I promise you, we're great to be around. We're just for the most part, misunderstood because we can come across as excentric or antisocial. But the truth is, we're just the type to keep it low key in all aspects of our life. It's as simple as that. 

But if you'd like to know more about what goes on in the mind of an introvert. Here are some interesting things we'd love for you to know about us. 

As an introvert, you can be your own best friend or your worst enemy. The good news is, we find comfort in solitude and know how to soothe ourselves when we become too overwhelmed with the world's chaos, which tends to happen quite often…

Because we tend to be sensitive people. We process everything around us in great detail, so we're often overly affected by those things that we give our attention to. But It doesn’t mean we're depressed or broken. It just means we like to take everything in and then give ourselves plenty of time to digest our thoughts.

We find a certain sense of peace in solitude. Our minds work better when we don't have much stimulus around us and we're able to function at a 100 % when we are able to do things alone. 

It's a mindset and a lifestyle. Yet we have to assure people that we're fine every day, but I promise, we are fine – we just don’t want to go out for drinks after work. 

Some people feel sad when they think of introverts because they don't understand how our minds and heart work.  In the same way that extroverted people would rather go to a club than stay in alone, we prefer being at home with a book to being in a crowded bar.

Yes, being an introvert is not all fun and games. When it comes to processing personal emotions, our willingness to look at ourselves critically is often helpful. But, unfortunately at times, we can go too far. We may hoard responsibility and overlook the role others play. 

We're known to kick ourselves when we’re down. How many times have you felt lousy about something, only to end up mad at yourself for feeling that way? Everyone feels this way sometimes but for us introverts, maybe spending too much time alone gives us extra time to dwell on those things that don't go well for us. I guess we can shake it off as quickly. But just like any other person might cope with those feelings, we also try to fight self criticism by talking ourselves out of it "It's never too late to start over. If you weren't happy with how you felt, try something different. Don't stay stuck, do better." See, we're not so different than the rest. 

People who see us alone and assume that we're sad often tell us we're welcome to join them, to which introverts will usually reply ‘’thanks but no thanks." We don't want to sound rude or seem weird, but how we are perceived can't be on us. We do our best at communicating our needs as best we can. We will never apologize for who we are and how we choose to enjoy life. 

We create a world for ourselves that we happy live in which is something that extroverts could learn from. There's nothing wrong with socializing, but it's good to be able to handle yourself when alone.

For introverts, being alone isn't a cry for help. It's incredibly nice but ultimately unnecessary for you to check up on us and make sure we're alright. 

Introverts could be surrounded by millions of people and still feel alone and to us, that's not a bad thing.