Vegetarian Meals You Can Afford that Will Shut Your Carnivore Friends Up

“Eating  vegetarian is dull and unsatisfying… and so hard to cook,” says anyone who knows literally nothing about being a vegetarian. News flash you carnivores: it all comes down to being a little creative with the spices that you keep in your kitchen and some key ingredients and our meals are just as good (if not better) than your red meats. In fact, our vegetarian meals are packed with such a flavor punch that your taste buds will be all fired up.

So shut your carnivore friends up with these protein packed, delicious meals that are also


Quinoa Veggie  Wrap 

Wraps are no brainer, you can put them together in few seconds with only a few ingredients that you might already have. They key ingredients on this recipe are the sun-dried tomatoes and hummus. It’s a super healthy meal bursting with mediterranean flavors.

Main  Ingredients

( Makes – 4 servings )

Tortilla wraps – $3.00

Quinoa – $3.99

Hummus – $3.99

Spinach –  $1.99

Sun-dried tomatoes – $2.99 

Shredded Carrots – $1.50

Total:  $17.46

Black Bean  Chili

There’s nothing more satisfying than a hearty bowl of chili. The truth is, chili is not so much about the meat your carnivore friends might be used to, but more about the right amount of paprika and cayenne pepper, which you might already have in your kitchen cabinet.

Main  Ingredients 

( Makes – 4 servings )

Medium yellow onion, diced – $.99

Garlic cloves, minced – $5

Black beans, drained, rinsed, & divided – $2.00

Can diced tomatoes with green chiles – $2.99

Vegetable broth – 1.99

Total:  $13.00

Curried  Chickpeas with Spinach

This recipe only has a few ingredients and you can prep in just five minutes. Don’t be fooled by the little ingredients you’re gonna need, the amount of flavor definitely kicks ass and half the ingredients, you might already have in your kitchen.  Seconds anyone?

Main  Ingredients

( Makes 4 servings )

Small onion – $ 3.29

Spinach – $5.99

Can of tomato sauce – $1.50

Can of chickpeas – $1.10

Total:  $11.88 

Spicy  Tomato-Mushroom Tortellini 

Who doesn’t love a pasta dish, and even more if it has mushrooms. Mushrooms and cheese are the key ingredients in this recipe and will most definitely get your friends asking for seconds. Make plenty and have a feast.

Main  Ingredients 

( Makes 5 servings )

Package cheese tortellini, frozen – $7

Small onion – $.47

Garlic cloves – $5

Cremini mushrooms – $2.96

Tomato paste – $.96

Can of tomatoes – $.99

Parmesan – 3.15

Total:  20.53

Broccoli  Cheddar Baked Potato

This is a quick and very satisfying meal simply because nobody can say no to a scrumptious cheese sauce!

Main  Ingredients 

( Makes 4 servings )

Russet potatoes – $2.99

Broccoli florets – $3.00

Milk – $3.49

Butter – $3.99

Cheddar Cheese – $3.19

Total:  16.66