To The Teacher Who Actually Taught Me, Thank You

For almost my whole high school career, I spent a lot of time just sitting in classes not doing anything. I always finished the work early and the teachers never gave me more work to do. They didn't challenge me. I was in school to learn. So why wasn't I learning anything?

I knew there were things that I was good at and wanted to keep doing. But with no help from teachers I didn’t know what to do. It was to the point where I skipped classes and hung out in my art class and just kept creating things and my art teacher didn’t stop me and tell me to go to my other classes.

I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. He clearly saw something in me and wasn’t going to stop me. 

I have always had a creative side and being able to just do and not think about it really let out my creative side even more and has helped me figure out my career that I want. I probably wouldn’t have kept going with college if it hadn’t been for my high school art teacher.

I may not have paid that much attention in most of my classes but once I was on to something, I kept going.

I went to college for business and one of the classes had us talk about a business that has impacted us. I wrote about the business I wanted. The business that I wanted to create. I have been building that business and another one ever since.

I couldn’t stop myself from creating something that I love. I created and if it didn’t work, I tweaked it and just kept creating until I was satisfied with it.

Some may say that it’s a waste of time. That I’m not really getting anywhere. But every time I do more and add to the idea that makes it more real, I feel so accomplished. Like, I’m one step closer to it being real, and out there for everyone to see and experience.

It’s an amazing feeling, to know you’ve created something that will one day you’ll be able to share with everyone.

I believe that I have been able to get as far as I’ve gotten because my art teacher let me do what I was good at. Creativity plays a big part in business and my teacher just let me create.

He has been the one teacher who noticed what I was good at and encouraged me to keep going. Always asking me what I’m going to create next. That’s a true teacher. 

Teachers may have a curriculum to follow, but a true teacher notices a student’s strengths and helps them improve on those strengths and encourages them to keep going.

Thank you Gjesdal.