To The Man Who Will Love My Best Friend

You must be a pretty special person to make it into my friend’s life. 

She has seen a lot of hurt and pain of the years, so you must remember that she will be guarded. 

But if you make it past her guard, you’ll see the beauty I see.

She has the biggest heart out of anyone I have ever met! 

She gives her all when she loves somebody; trust me, I would know because she loves me. 

So when you love her, you have to love her with everything you have, because she deserves nothing less.

You must remember daily that you are lucky to have her.

She’s tolerant, kind, loyal, intelligent and loving. 

She is not some unintellectual individual that you can’t have a conversation with; she will be able to hold the intelligent conversation and argue her point effectively.

She’s argumentative and completely bull-headed, but she will fight tooth and nail for you and anyone she loves. 

She may be completely stubborn and she likes to do what she believes is right for her, but she will always consider you.

She is completely off her rocker kind of crazy, but she is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet in your entire life.

Her love for life and adventure is one of her best traits. 

She will travel to wherever her heart desires just to get her fill of the outdoors.

So you must remember to put her first. She doesn’t deserve anything less than that.

You must fight for her.

You must cherish her.

You must compliment her.

You must make her laugh, especially when she wants to cry.

You must listen to her when she needs to complain.

But most importantly, you must love her with everything you have, because that is how she will love you.

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