To the Love I'll Never Out Grow

We grow up hearing about fairy tale romances, but no one ever mentions the heartache that goes along with them. 

I’ve had plenty of relationships, but only one true love. 

He swept me off my feet before I could process what was happening. I wasn’t looking for him and he wasn’t looking for me, but somehow our paths crossed and I’ll forever be grateful for that. 

We fell in love too quickly; neither one of us was ready for such a commitment. “Young and in love” isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

We were lost souls trying to find ourselves. We both went through hard times and hurt each other to our cores. 

It became clear that we weren’t working, but we were too scared to let go. We clung to each other for far too long, never truly dealing with the heartache we were experiencing. 

By the time we finally said goodbye, we’d torn each other apart. Each of us blamed the other for the death of our relationship. 

When I finally let you go, I lost my companion, best friend, true love, and support system. I was in agony, but I got through and now I’m doing well in life. 

We both grew in the time we spent apart. I assumed you’d moved on and you thought the same about me, but I still fall asleep thinking of you and our memories. 

And here I am, writing about you. I don’t need you to glue together my broken pieces or cure my loneliness; I need you because you’re the love I can’t seem to outgrow. 

I still don’t understand it – maybe I never will – but you taught me what raw, honest love and passion feel like. 

I don’t want an easy love, I want you. If I have to go through heartbreak all over again just to try, it’ll be worth it, because you’re the one that I want to spend my life with.