To the Guy Who Won't STFU About His Political Views, Chill

I want to like you. I really do, and there are traits I do like.

However, I can’t get past the way you run your mouth. There’s nothing wrong with being opinionated. Most of the time, I appreciated a man who knows his core values and doesn’t apologize for what he believes in.

That’s sexy. That’s having a back bone.

Oh and I just know what you’re going to say. I just don’t like it when you disagree with me, but that is not the case.

Challenge me. Get the wheels in my head a turnin’. Don’t defer to what I have to say. Don’t ever blindly accept what you hear word of mouth or what you read in the news.

I’m secure with myself and my thoughts to be questioned about why I think the way I do. I won’t be offended, not in the least, if you have a differing opinion from my own.

I like that. You’re educated. You read between the lines.

The problem I have is that you will not shut up about your political agenda. And that’s exactly what it is…an agenda

Can’t we talk about something else for a change? A new book that you’ve read, perhaps? Your relationship with your mom? Sports even, which goes to show just how much I want you to quit the rambling. I hate sports, but I’d prefer talking about them to anything else you have to say involving politics.

Anything to get the conversation away from another one of your lectures.

Believe me, the world is not going to end with a change in presidency, with a new bill being proposed at the Senate, or a change in foreign policy. It’s not even going to end with a tweet. Surprising, I know.

Yours and my life will still be as it is right now, so why can’t we talk about something, anything pertaining to us in the now?

Oh. Stop your squabbling. It’s not that politics aren’t important, and yes, changes in the government do affect us all in some way.

But it’s not all I want to talk about when I’m alone with you, and it seems that’s all you want to talk about.

What really worries me is that you’re so opinionated at this age. A person’s interest in politics only increases with age. Think about it. Seniors have nothing better to do than to listen in on the morning news and with hands on their hips, spout and spew their complaints to anyone and everyone who will listen about their politics. They have all the time in the world. They can do that.

You, however, still can do so much more you can do and think about with your life. You are a young and able-bodied man who can have so many more interests, but if you’re like this now, I can only imagine how much worse you’ll be as the years go by. 

Please find a filter soon because I can’t handle it anymore. It makes me not want to be around you. I feel like anything I say will somehow turn into a social studies pop quiz, and I just want to relax when I’m talking to you.

Let’s get down to it: If you can’t be well-rounded individual who can speak on a variety of topics, then I can promise you, I’m going to walk. I have better things to do than hear another one of your campaigns. 

Let’s keep it light, let’s keep it casual. So, stop with your political agenda otherwise my ears will be forever turned off.

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