To the Guy Too Afraid to Commit, You Didn't Have to Break Her in the Process

Your selflessness, insensitivity and lack of heart trampled all over her feelings for you. All because you didn’t know how to receive her love. The shame and loss should feel heavy on your heart because you know you loved her too but it was too much to handle.  And instead of fighting for love, and doing your best to accept your feelings towards her, you cowardly decided that it was best to shatter her heart to a million pieces. 

Love is not supposed to hurt but you hurt her deeply. You couldn’t give her your one hundred percent all because your mind was weak, you feared commitment and made her suffered for your own lack of will and strength to fight for her. 

I don’t think you realize how much you’ve given up. She was loving and willing to give you everything that you deserved and some more. Because she was undeniably what your heart and soul needed. She was the girl capable of putting a smile on your face when you felt worthless. She was the one to see your worth when you didn’t and push you forward when you needed it the most. 

What else did you need to prove your heart that she was the one?. You could have been honest with her and allowed her to help you get over your commitment issues.  You knew she was not the type to push or beg, she was the type to care for you and understand you. Instead, you decided to act selflessly against her. 

You torn her spirit apart, you betrayed her loyalty and didn’t take responsibility for it. It was easier for you to numb yourself than to accept that perhaps if you tried a little harder, cared a little more, you would have conquer a fear that it’s costing you true happiness. 

Was it worth breaking her as you went through your doubts and insecurities? What’s sad is that you didn’t try harder and all the suffering that you inflicted in vain was in vain. You both lost the greatest chance for true love, but you should realize that everything you’ve lost, it’s all your fault.