To the Guy I'm Still Crazy About, I Don't Think I'll Ever Quit You

We both know that we are either crazy for each other or we’re making each other crazy. We have been through a lot together. It’s certainly the biggest, craziest roller coaster ride I have ever been on- that’s for sure. 

I know that I do love you because you have been there through my darkest depths and my highest peaks. It’s been a hell of a ride and after all of this time, I still don’t like dating other people. 

We’ve both gone our separate ways, tried parting when we knew we’d been through more than enough, but we always end up right back at each other’s front door. It’s annoying in a way because I don’t know if we are just a hookup with a comfortable landing, or if we are truly meant to work through our hardships and get our gears spinning again. 

We know that it would kill us to see the other with anyone else, and honestly, it makes me wonder why it’s never worked with any of our other pursuits. Is that a sign? 

The real question is, though, are we just crazy in love and all our wrongs are going to make one gigantic right? We are both to blame for our difficulties, and we are both to blame for all the fights. 

We are no angels, but I would still walk through hell to make anything work with you. 

After all this time, every new relationship, and every single bout of bickering we have gotten ourselves into, I still wake up every day thinking about you and fall asleep saying goodnight once more. 

I believe that you’re just that guy who I will always be head over heels in love with, my best friend, and the only one I am crazy for. 

Maybe it just wasn’t the time we were supposed to know that. 

Time will always tell, but hey, I love you.