To the Girl with the Big Heart and Thick Skin

I see you, little fighter. I know you push people away when you want them to come closer and I know you sometimes cry when you mean to yell. 

I know you don’t always understand yourself. 

“Why am I like this?” 

“Why did I do that?”

“Why can’t I just do something right?”

But you’re doing just fine. 

I know it’s confusing when you don’t know whether to hug someone or punch them in the face. 

You hate feelings but you’re also super sensitive. 

Your heart wants love but your mind tells you to be tough. 

You’ve been hurt in many ways and many times. You want to give up but you’re way too strong for that. 

I know sometimes it’s frustrating to be so resilient, because it would be so much easier to stop trying. 

But you are way too precious for that. People like you are rare. 

So value yourself. Don’t spend everyday trying to give up, just keep on trucking. You’re way too rad to quit on yourself. 

Shutting down won’t make you any happier or make your heart any fuller. 

Don’t deprive others of your amazing heart just because you want to stay guarded. 

After all, you’ll bounce back if it goes south anyway, right?

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